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Octopizzo's first ever live band performance documentary is done

Wednesday, 13 June 2012 12:18 , Written by 
Octopizzo on stage at the Sawa Sawa Festival. Octopizzo on stage at the Sawa Sawa Festival. Images courtesy of Octopizzo's profile page.

Octopizzo was one of the headlining performances at the recent Sawa Sawa Festival that was held last Sunday at the Carnivore grounds, alongside Anto Neosoul and Juliani just to mention a few.

His performance had to be off the hook, as he was almost as anxious and excited as the fans were. Reason for this being that this was his first concert to perform with a live band on stage.

According to the crowd's reaction during Octo's performance, he killed it. Staying original to the core. If you missed the whole show, no course for alarm. Octopizzo took the liberty to shoot a documentary about the whole show, from the rehearsals to the actual concert. This documentary will be released soon and will be available on Ghafla!

Meanwhile, check out these photos of his performance at the Sawa Sawa Festival.

Octo 2

octo 3

Octopizzo on stage with Anto Neosoul


octo 4

octo 5

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