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Xtatic, J'Mani, Rabbit, Collo and Frasha on the 'Bila Mic' remix. HOT!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012 15:55 , Written by 

Immediately 'bila mic' was launched, it received frequent airplay and within no time, was one of the hottest hiphop tracks in town. Octopizzo has managed to amaze his fans with all that he is dishing out to them, and yet, more surprises come from the rapper.

As if the track 'bila mic' wasn't hot already, he just made it way hotter by adding star artistes to the remix. The 'bila mic remix' will contain artistes like Collo, J'Mani, Frasha, Rabbit and the new girl in the music industry, Xtatic.

Both the audio and the video will be launched at the same time which, as Octopizzo says, will be very soon. Let's not talk much about it until it's finally here, then we'll see how hot it will be. Just can't wait.




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