For these guys, entertainment is a family affair!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012 15:26 , Written by 

These guys all seem to be caught up ina family business!

Let's first start with the Kagias. DNA would be the trail blazer in this family of creatives. He's the secular hit maker who gave us "Banjuka" before falling off the wagon and eventually finding religion. Well, DNA's related to Tina Kaggia. We all know Tina Kagia as the bubbly, energetic yet petit and beautiful One FM radio personality. And to complete the list there is Andrew Kaggia. He's the graphics and design genius who gave us the "Wageuzi" trailer.

A tease trailer about Kenyan politicians as transformers (decepticons and autobots). Talk about creativity running through the whole family!


(Photo courtesy of Tina Kagia)

Then there are the Kibukosyas. Gido kibukosya is a reknown and celebrated music producer. his former wife Suzzanne Gachukia was a songstress turned music producer and their scion is K'Cous. Yup, K'Cous, ytalented rapper and producer who's part of Camp Mulla.


(Photo courtesy of Suzzanne Gachukia)

Then there are the acting wizards the Masandukus.

Son to the late legendary comedian Masanduku Arap Simit(Sammy Kimani Muya), reknown from the Vitimbi & Vioja Mahakamani comedy shows.

He was also a presenter on the unique KISS TV show 'Matatu.'


It would seem that for these guys entertainment is a family business!


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