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CAMP MULLA (by Insyder) CAMP MULLA (by Insyder)

All this talk about displays of wealth has got this writer thinking...

Which artist invested the most in their videos to give their fans quality videos?
This is part of a series in which we have an indepth look at Kenyan videos starting with the the expense then the artistic angle then on to the cheapest.
Let's start with number 3:
#3 Votaries ft Rufftone's MOG
The track was released back in 2008 and it was the most anticipated track from the year. Remember the Beat dropping promotional trailers for a whole month? The track was shot at Wilson airport and these guys had to rent out the whole hangar.

#2 Prezzo's PREZZO.
This was the video with all the white lasses. When it was released, it was alleged to have cost half a mill. A cool half a mill! What's that? About the cost of a Probox!

#1 Camp Mulla's ADDICTED and Party Don' stop
When these guys announced the cost of the video, everyone had something to say about the videos. And by everyone, i mean everyone! I admit also having something to say but i was straight up positive about mine!

The thing about these big budget vids is that the quality gets you noticed. And none have proved this fact better than camp Mulla!
But with that said, Krtel has announced a 10 MILLION shilling video project! That's right good folks, TEN MILLION! The project will have him travel to Dubai and South Africa! Ten Million people!


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