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This just in: STL is set to shut down Kenyatta Avenue.

The stunning "Lookie Lookie" singer is set to shut down the whole of Kenyatta avenue for a video shoot. She is currently in the country shooting a series of videos with a single already slated to drop on June 29th.


(photo of STL courtesy of ThisIsAfrica)

This move follows Camp Mulla shooting a video along Mama Ngina Street in honour of Nairobbery City. it would seem the streets of Nairobi are becoming a favourite of emcees and artists looking to do songs and videos about the city in the sun.

Lot's of love and positivity being expressed by Kenya's younger generation of artists for their city!

As we wait for her new singles and vids to drop, here is a taste of what one of Kenya's premiere artists has to offer:

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