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WTH! This artist has just taken shots at almost everyone!

Friday, 15 June 2012 12:28 , Written by 
Influx Swagga Influx Swagga

We honestly haven't heard much from him recently, but now Influx Swagga is back and it seems he has a personal vendetta with some of the Kenyan media personalities and artistes.

His latest track, 'Hii mziki' off his fourth album titled 'Wazito', is kind of his comeback track to the music scene. Maybe it's just to get guys' attention or he really means what he says about 'the other guys' in this rap track.

Some of the celebrities in his line of fire include; Collo, Lilian Muli, Ciku Muiruri (of Busted) and Patrick Lumumba, as described on information slot of the YouTube video and also evident in the lyrics.

Listen to the track and air your views.

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