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OMG! Vinnie Banton and Lynda's 'sex tape' out!

Friday, 15 June 2012 15:13 , Written by 
Lynda Miriga Lynda Miriga

We had heard about it a while back but wasn't sure if they would actually pull it off. I mean, Kenya is full of sensitive and morally righteous people, but then again, all the more reason to make it happen.

So, yes. I was excited when I heard that it was finally out, and more excited when I saw the actual video. Oh, and no. This isn't that type of 'sex tape' that is currently massaging your dirty mind... [smh]!

'Sex Tape' is the title of Lynda's latest song in which she has featured Vinnie Banton. The video's nature however, kinda fits the title, so don't be too disapointed.

The video of the song which is house music with a touch of dancehall was shot in Las Vegas, Nevada and unfortunately Vinnie Banton is not in it. Lynda Miriga however makes it all worthwhile.

I shall say no more, I know you can't wait to check out the video. Here it is.

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