You Guy!!! P-Unit and Collo Are at it Again

Thursday, 06 September 2012 14:22 , Written by 
Collo (left) P-Unit Collo (left) P-Unit

After successfully joining forces to do the club banger “Rush Hour”, self-proclaimed king of rap, Collo, and award winning, urban hip hop group P- unit, have once again put their heads together. This time doing a single with back-in-the-day ragga beats, You Guy is the name of the track.

Produced by Decimal Records, You Guy will be one of the songs featured in the group’s upcoming album "Wagenge Hao Tena.” Just hours after hitting the airwaves, the single is already featuring prominently on the Top Ten most requested hit songs on popular FM stations.


Speaking during the official release of the song on what inspired the unique style of the new song, Bon eye said, “Our music prowess and choice to pursue musical career was influenced a lot by the musical trends of the 90s and so with this track we want to take our fans back into that era through a clever blend of ‘Ragamuffin’ and our ‘Genge’ style of music.”



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