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P-Unit's Gabu just killed the first verse of 'You Guy!', no doubt

Friday, 14 September 2012 11:19 , Written by 
P-Unit P-Unit

Ever since Nonini introduced P-Unit to the Kenyan music scene, they have provided the fans with hit after hit, and I really mean, hit after hit. Every track they make ends up as a huge club banger and the talk of the town. 'You Guy' is no exception.

Hardly a month has passed and 'You Guy' is already the talk of the city, already a hit, already a club banger. Collo is also featured in this hot track which is all about the ladies, the number one topic in men's conversation.

One undeniable fact about this song is that Gabu has definitely killed the first verse of this track. The lyrics, flow and diction is just superb, especially the flow. You just can't help but move your body to the beat when the first kick drops.

I'm not saying the rest of the artistes in this song did not impress. No, not at all. They were in-fact at their best, but come on, let's face it... Gabu killed it on this one.

Listen to the track below.

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