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Five things you must never say to an artiste

Friday, 14 September 2012 13:31 , Written by 

As a listener/fan, you might think that being an artiste is something very simple. I mean, just get out of bed, roll up a blunt, get some inspiration and write up out of this world lyrics that will drive everyone crazy for your songs. Dude, it ain't that easy at all. Just ask any one hit wonder you know.

There are some sadistic trolls that get off from making the artistes' lives a living hell by asking silly questions that demoralize and provoke the artiste to a point of losing it, especially after a concert. These are some of those stupid questions.

5. "Dude! You couldn't compose anything better than this?"

Anybody, and I mean ANYBODY, would totally go Onyancha on you especially after pulling off what to them was the best performance of their life. Come on man, you try composing a song and sing it to people who have expectations the size of a skyscraper.


4. "You used to be a really good artiste. What in the world happened?"

If the artiste is a guy, you have just landed a severe kick on his nuts. If it's a girl, you have burned down her hair. He/she would at this time, have nothing to say, unless of-course he can say it through his fists. Whether true or not, that is just straight up cruel.


3. "Why can't you sing more like so and so? He is pretty good you know."

Stepping into the music industry with someone else's style and flow is just lame, not to mention wrong. Cut the artiste some slack. At least he's original and just in-case you don't agree, keep it to yourself.


2. "Was music the best professional you could choose for yourself?"

By saying this, you have just insinuated that he can't sing to save his life. No artist will take this politely and the conversation won't end well, whether you intended to offend or not. You've just messed up big time.


1. (To his/her face) "YOUR MUSIC SUCKS!"

At this point, you better run for cover. It is moments like these that turn celebrities into violent maniacs, all because you couldn't keep your mouth shut. For crying out loud, SHUT UP! Keep your opinions to yourself.

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