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Shamir drops another lovers' rock tune

Thursday, 20 September 2012 15:43 , Written by 
Shamir Shamir

He is the artiste who astonished many after the release of his first hit song, 'On Fire'. Can you believe that this song was even being requested in Jamaica and other countries? It was that big. No imitations of the Jamaican accent. Just pure original reggae music from a Kenyan.

That might be what has won him so many fans and till date, he still keeps it real like that. His latest song, 'So high on your love' has also been receiving some airplay and is doing fairly well in the country considering how Kenyan reggae music is received here.

The song is romantic, as are all his songs. It is really surprising encouraging to hear an artiste like this, straight from the slums of Kibera, singing about love and nothing related to the troubles he faces and the hard life he has to push on through everyday.

Have a listen to the track below.

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