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Presenting: The Latest Gay Club in Nairobi

Monday, 24 September 2012 11:59 , Written by 

“Gays are welcome but behave.” This is the message from Club Envy’s management. Last week there were reports but that the club is planning to clamp down on homosexual patrons following numerous customer complaints however the management has downplayed these allegations.

“Everyone is most welcome. We are a business minded people driven by the goal to maximize on our resources and become the most successful club in town,” read on the club’s management statement adding, ““At Club Envy we do not discriminate against anyone on any grounds of color, sexuality or religion.”

Club Envy,situated along Tom Mboya street, is the latest unofficial “official” favourite gay spot after Kenya’s leading gay bar, Tacos, was shut down. Here is an excerpt of the statement from Club Envy’s management;

“(Gay) people are advised to adhere to good behavior that is not likely to provoke other public members.  Its [sic] important to enlighten your people on the importance of not overdoing or going overboard when doing clubbing with general members of the public in a manner that irritates the rest,' read the response.Entertainment and fun is a privilege for all and should be enjoyed by everyone equally, and as thus mutual respect for personal space is utmost importance.”

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