VIDEO: Amani Gets Hot And Sweaty In The Gym

Thursday, 01 November 2012 11:32 , Written by 

George Kariuki was interviewing Amani a while back, and when he asked her about her daily routine, she said:


"On normal days I wake up, I work out... YES(laughs)"


She then treated him to a LIVE sample of her workout, as proof that she does indeed tone her tissues. She did some karate kicks and weight training in front of him.  A couple bench presses, a couple lifts(ya, skinny me knows these things somehow) and she was done. She commented in between gasps,


"Yes, I'm trying to get my body back, so I'm working out every morning. This is what you pay for just binging on food!"


Do your thing girl.

Click the video below to watch the footage:

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