Nonini and Other Kenyans Come Up with New Traffic Amendments

Tuesday, 04 December 2012 14:50 , Written by 

There has been so much frenzy about the revised traffic rules that took effect last weekend. So bad was the situation that Kenya was turned into a “walking” nation. So this morning, rapper Nonini decide alongside the Kenyan Online Community decides to throw some humour into the situation by coming up with the amendments to the Traffic Act.

Dubbed the #TraffickActKenyanAmendments, the topic soon started trending with KOT tweeting away hysterically. Take a look;

Probox overtaking a Range rover KSH. 500,000 or life imprisonment #TraffickActKenyanAmendments
when found driving a Vitz, your DL is confiscated and u sent to bring a letter from ur parents #TraffickActKenyanAmendments

If u are a man driving a Vitz, Thou Shall Not smile at a woman driving a Benz, a Range or even Walking! #TraffickActKenyanAmendments

If ur caught driving a veets n ur listening to Sauti Sol “RangeRover”, unanyanganywa veets unapewa kuku #TraffickActKenyanAmendments

Probox kuingia petrol station na kuitisha mafuta ya 100bob. . . Owner is fined 20000 on the spot #TraffickActKenyanAmendments

kusimama University way so you can drop ‘Miss Campus Diva‘ 50,000/- fine if you are old enough to be her father #TraffickActKenyanAmendments

Talking on phone while driving- iphone- 20K Ideos-15K Samsung-10K, Kabambe-unanyang'anywa gari unachwa na phone #TraffickActKenyanAmendments

ukishikwa overspeeding na radio inacheza ngoma ya e-sir "mosmos"fine ya ten k! #TraffickActKenyanAmendments

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