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Catch Number nane's finest today on Str8up

Monday, 27 February 2012 14:21 , Written by 
Tamima with Octopizzo Tamima with Octopizzo Images from Octopizzo profile

He is one of the fastest rising rappers who is entirely self made. Rapper Octopizzo, bred in Kibera, is a real hustler in the music business like I've always said (read previous article).

Known for multiple hits, among them 'vowels', 'on top' an my personal favourite, 'mama'. Octopizzo recently collaborated with Anto Neosoul and even shot the video for the track 'toboa'.

Clearly, he has no plan to rest any time soon.

Catch your favorite rapper on Str8up today and spend some on-air time with him. Here are some pics.Octo in the studioOcto with IA

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