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Anto Neosoul's new song

Monday, 27 February 2012 15:55 , Written by 
Anto Anto

First thing's first... I really have to say, I love this guy's voice [no homo]. I mean, dude can sing and can act too. Talk about extreme talents.

Any way, Anto's been busy as most Kenyan Artistes are these days, and has been cooking up some some hot tracks for us all. The track titled 'engineer penja' is yet another Afro soul genre from him and this one, like all his previous songs, is just amazing.

He also worked on a track with Octopizzo and was surprised to know that tuko rada yake mbaya!!!

Well, Anto, now you know. It is because we are your die hard fans that we are on your every move.

Listen to his new jam 'engineer penja' right here.

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