Top DJ's Residence Robbed Clean On His Wedding Anniversary

Monday, 10 December 2012 14:15 , Written by 

Top award-winning Coast DJ, entertainment manager and events organiser DJ Lenium yesterday came to a rude shock at his home, when he found that almost all his household possessions had gone missing! Here is the whole story:

He says that the robbers came in a white van. Lenium's wife and son were in church, and he was at an orphan's christmas party. The thugs took ALL the electronics in the house: a 33 inch flat screen TV, a home theater, DVD, microwave, gas cooker and cylinder.

The thieves also reportedly ran sacked all the rooms in DJ Lenium's house, stole his wife's jewelery, Lenium's chain, his housegirl's cash and they also broke a few utensils for good measure. To escape, they sprayed the watchdogs in the compound with a sleeping drug and jumped over the wall.

To make it worse, this whole robbery took place on the day of his 1st year wedding anniversary. DJ Lenium has reported the incident to the Bamburi police thanks to his groomsman Dan Sonko, who was with him at the orphan's gig.

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