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Politician wants to buy Ringtone's song, 'Jubilation' for his campaign

Thursday, 13 December 2012 12:11 , Written by 

Everyone's putting on their game face. It's about that time when every move counts and being a step ahead is all you can rely on.

Have you heard Ringtone's latest song, 'jubilation'? Of-course you have. It's only the most played gospel tune right now, especially at church functions. I'm not much of a gospel music enthusiast, but judging by the love this song is getting from fans, it is obviously a big tune.

So big that politicians are now lining up to buy it. I'm talking about millions of shilling being put down on Ringtone's table on negotiation. Though Ringtone is still giving these offers much thought, the names of the politicians that want to purchase this song for their campaign have not been presented to us.

Whoever the politician is, he/she must be one confident aspirant. To want to spend an obscene amount of money on a song with lyrics that go like, "tribulation, tumeshinda... TUMESHINDA" before getting to elections, man, he ain't playing around.

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