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Rat a tat is back and here is her new video

Friday, 14 December 2012 14:10 , Written by 

Like I said, this is the year most long lost artistes are getting back to their music and things happen. Kantai has done it, Attitude did it, Mr. Lenny is still on it and now, Rat a tat is doing it.

The female rapper blew to fame through Calif Records back when it was still in it's toddler years. Nothing much is known about her absence in the music industry, but right now, all that doesn't matter. Rat a tat is back.

Infact, she has just dropped her latest music video for the track 'The One' in which she has collaborated with rapper, The Herbalist.

It seems she followed suit by leaving Calif Records, along with the other departed artistes. She did this new song at Herbal Records, which also came up during Calif Records' time.

Check out Rat a tat's new video below.

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