Abbas, Bamboo and Octopizzo Fight Over Gay Photo

Friday, 14 December 2012 14:54 , Written by 

So last night there was a party for the launch of a new music scratchcard service named Mdundo, and all the top celebrities were there. Frasha, Eric Wainaina, Mbuvi, Wendy Kimani and others performed at the event. Alongside the Mdundo launch was a small fashion show conducted by Closet49, a brand new fashion website.

There were multiple sections in the venue. Abbas and Bamboo were chilling in a shisha bar, while Octopizzo and I were having a small chat right outside it. During our chat, we were approached by one of the fashion designers, a man named Miss Jay. You may also remember Miss Jay as Jackson Irungu from Tusker Project Fame season 2 and 3. He was a skinny, dark guy with a high voice who tried for TPF twice, but failed at the initial stages both times. Here is his photo:


Image courtesy CNN.

So Jackson, aka Miss Jay, came to chat with us, and this guy is one interesting character. First of all there's the fact that he refers to himself as 'Miss.' Also, he is a self-confessed gay fellow, who wears lipstick, had on a female hairstyle, and was wearing women's clothes. I'm very liberal and don't have any problem with gay people, so I entertained his presence, and Octo seemed cool with him as well. But suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a guy named 'Roba' came with an iPhone asking to quickly take a photo of the three of us, Octo, Miss Jay and myself. We took the photo, only to see the iPhone being handed back to Bamboo. When Octopizzo saw this, he was enraged. "I just knew it was Bamboo who sent for that photo to be taken!" he said. I tried to calm him down, but he was having none of it.

He immediately confronted Bamboo in a shouting match, demanding that the photo be deleted. As you may know, Abbas and Octo had beef not so long ago, so Abbas had no qualms about joining in the fight. The shouting match continued for about 10-20 minutes to the bewilderment of the pretty white girls who were hanging with Abbas, and it was about to come to blows, but everyone recognized they were in the presence of business partners, so Octopizzo said that he was willing to take it outside. "If he wants a fight, we'll give him a fight, we're not scared" Abbas said, albeit in sheng. Octopizzo proceeded to the parking lot to wait for the two to come down.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Bamboo and Abbas were engaged in some business chat soon after, and they did not go to confront Octo outside. They all went there separate ways and the violence was avoided.

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