Kenzo Suspected Of Having An Affair, Threatened With Death

Friday, 14 December 2012 17:36 , Written by 

I had a sit-down interview yesterday with Kenzo where he told me how his Leavers Bash gig went down last week.

During the leavers bash, Kenzo chatted up someone who appeared to be a fan of his. The club owner told him to watch out for that woman. He wondered about this warning, asking the club owner, "is she a prostitute?" To which he was told, "No, but you just watch out for that girl."


At that point, Kenzo had not performed, and he has a policy of not drinking before he performs. They chatted with the lady until they both parted ways at the end of the night and headed home.

In the morning he received a call from a man with a Swahili accent asking, "Is this Kenzo?" to which he agreed. When he asked who he was speaking to, Kenzo was told not to be asking such questions. The Swahili man asked him whether he knew the woman he was with the previous night. Kenzo answered that yes, he had spoken with her during the bash. The Swahili stranger then asked, "so why didn't she return home last night? And the last time she was seen, it was with you. Listen Kenzo, I can end your life."

Upon hearing that, Kenzo was obviously perturbed, leading him to hang up the phone. The Swahili man called back, asking Kenzo why he dared cut the phone call. Kenzo said that, "of course if you threaten my life, it doesn't help me in any way." The coastal guy told Kenzo that the woman who had disappeared was his wife. "Kenzo, are you still in Mombasa? If you are still in Mombasa, you'd better run away, and never come back." Kenzo wasn't having any of that. He told the guy off, saying that he wasn't running anywhere, and was even extending his trip by two days.

After the whole trip was over, Kenzo thought of asking Safaricom to help him solve the issue. The Safaricom representatives found out that the SIM card that had been used to call Kenzo had been used once, then rendered inactive.

On arrival at the airport, Kenzo was called again by an unknown number. It was the Swahili man once again. He gave Kenzo a severe dressing down, but eventually, he said that he would let Kenzo go this time, but he should watch out. On consulting with Beyonce from coast, she suggested that he may be a drug dealer with connections.

Story still developing...

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