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It is evident that house and reggae music have a lot of influence on the youths. This spreads out even to the musicians and rappers. They are now taking up the 'electronic' and 'dancehall' genres of music. By the way, this is not a complaint. I am actually happy with this.

You see, for artistes to make money in this music industry, they have to comply with the fans' demands. Right now, club and hype songs are at the top of the demand list (that is dancehall and electronic/house music).
As I have always said, Wyre is the King of Kenyan dancehall music and he has prooved it with his latest track, 'dancehall party' and I can also see many more dancehall artistes coming up.
various Kenyan artistes are on the other hand adapting to house music. Even Afro Soul singer, Anto Neosoul has done an electronic beat track titled 'jikaze'.
I'm loving this. Bring more life to the night.

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