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These two genres both have a wide fan base in Kenya. Hip hop fans are more on the wild side and love playing with words in a crafty way. Afro Fusion fans are more relaxed and love playing with the music instruments. This works out great for both sides.

However, when it comes to live performance, I think Afro Fusion takes the cup. Have you ever been to a live perfromance of an Afro Fusion artiste, like say, Suzzana Awiyo or Erick Wainaina? If so, I think you will agree with me on this. To hear the drum set, trumpets,trombones, saxofones and keyboards live... just pure bliss.
On the other hand, have you ever been to a Hip hop freestyle battle? With multiple woofer speakers all around the venue and a perfect lyricist like Kitu Sewer is rapping on the mic?... Just awesome. To hear rhyming words come out of someone's mouth so fast and well constructed, is very entertaining. Makes you fall inlove with Hip Hop all over again.
As you can clearly see, I personally cannot come up with a decision over which genre is better. Honestly, I just wonder what it would be like if they were fused. Maybe this could be an idea for the artistes that are reading this article. Just think about it.

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