5 Kenyan Celebrities You Should Follow On Instagram

Monday, 21 January 2013 18:25 , Written by 

Instagram just reported that it has 90 million active monthly users, with about 8,500 likes per second. The company's profile grew last year after it's underground popularity saw it bought out by social media giant, Facebook.

The site describes itself as a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. With its ever increasing popularity that has seen the site get up to 1,000 comments per second, it might just be the next place to stalk catch up with your favourite celebrity.

Below are the profiles of five Kenyan celebrities whose profiles you should follow.

5. Avril - Avril Kenya Singer, songwriter, recording and performing artist...in another life I believe I was an art director and photographer) - With just over 100 photos, she is approaching 500 followers.

4. Anto NeoSoul - (Singer. Actor. Film Maker) - He is one of the most active celebrities on the site with over 500 photos uploaded to date.

3. Nonini - (Msanii Wa Kizazi Kipya Kenya-GENGE) - The guy got 400 followers even before he posted a single picture. He has the fastest growing Instagram of any Kenyan celebrity.

2. G-Money (Just a soldier in Jah's army. Trying to spread love through music. Just trying to be a better version of me) - One of the most active social media users, he has 730 followers on his fairly active Instagram account.

1. Camp Mulla (MTV EMA Nominees / M.O.B.O Nominees / B.E.T Nominees / BEFFTA Award Nominees / Channel O MVA Nominees / Made in Kenya #TeamAfrica #MakingMoves #EATING) - With only 39 photos, one of the top urban groups in Africa has already racked up 838 followers.

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