Octopizzo Says He Was Forced To Participate In The Post Election Chaos!

Thursday, 24 January 2013 15:09 , Written by 

During an interview session with Mzazi M. Tuva today on Mambo Mseto, Octo made a startling confession while live on air!
Actually, it wasn't so much startling nor was it shocking. It was a confession made as he was explaining why the peace initiative he and other leading Kenyan artists have decided to start and why, he came clean about playing a part in the chaos.
According to him, he even tore out the rail tracks! "Tulikuwa hapo tuking'oa mareli," he told Mzazi. But according to him, he did so against his will because given the circumstances, he would have been beaten and possibly killed for not participating. His neighbours might have thought him a snitch!

He also alluded to making innocent Kenyans pay a "tax" or they would get caned.  "Ka haukuwa unalipa tax tulikuwa tunaku-cane" Octopizzo confessed. 


"Niliona masilaha zenye hata hujawai ona kwa horror movie," said Octo. A telling  quote of what Octo was involved in during the 2007 clashes.

He even gave security to a certain shopkeeper and kept vigil for him over his shop. The shopkeeper happened to be from the Kamba community. He even gave the reason for his separation with his girlfriend but that's a story for another day!

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