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Biggest Jamaican concert here in Kenya... that's right

Monday, 05 March 2012 15:41 , Written by 

This will go down in history as the biggest concert ever in Kenya and you will be telling your kids some years from now that you heard it first at Ghafla!Kenya. I know you are probably wondering, "Jamaican concert in Kenya...?".

Well, I've chosen to call it that because not one, but almost seven popular Jamaican artistes will be performing here in Nairobi then in other African countries like Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa then all the way back to Jamaica.

All this is courtesy of Cecile and her charity campaign inspired by our beautiful but troubled country, 'Make a Change campaign'. Read more about it here.

The peak of the concert will be Cecile's song 'Make a Change' which is a collaboration of all the above named artistes, but composed by Cecile. The concert will be featured in live satellite broadcast and will be sold in markets worldwide. Proceedings will go to charity.

The date of the concert is not yet clear but most likely this month or the next (April). We are really looking forward to this and I know you all are too.

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