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BUSTED: Man Caught By His Wife, Cheating With A MAN!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013 14:51 , Written by 

Before I get down to details, let me just fill you in briefly on this particular man's personal life. His name is Emmanuel. He is married and they have a kid. They have been married for seven years and the man has not made love to his wife for almost a year. With that out of the way, Get this.


Familiar with the popular Classic FM show, 'Busted'? Ofcourse you are. Most of you have fallen victim to this exposing investigative show. You can never see it coming. That is why I never pick calls from numbers I don't recognise. Anyway, back to the matter at hand.

Ciku Muiruri, the show host, recently made the bust of her life. She confirmed a woman's long time speculation about her husband cheating on her, after she found a text message on his phone reading, "we had sex yesterday and I really enjoyed it.". This however, was way more painful than she expected. Not only were her worst fears confirmed, but she also came to the shocking realisation that her seven years long husband might be leaving her and their child for a MAN!


So, Ciku to the rescue makes her famous busting call and what follows is shocking.

The man on the other end had no remorse at all. The open gay dude, Dominic, gave it to the wife as real as it gets. Sad story really.

Woman: Who are you? Are you crazy? You are trying to break up our family? Why are you going out with my husband?

Gay Man: Why didn't he tell you before that we have a thing together? If he didn't tell you then it's not my problem.

Woman: You don't even care that there's a baby involved in all these? Don't you know there are single women out there? Instead you go for a man like you?
I'll kill you!
I'll kill you!

(Suddenly, I reflect back to the Jeff Dunham Show... then back)

Man: We're in-love. Deal with it.

Get the entire conversation below.

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