This Dedication To Vera Sidika Already Has 550,000 Hits On YouTube!

Wednesday, 06 February 2013 18:29 , Written by 

Vera Sidika the buxom buttocked beauty recently got intouch with the team and alerted them to the existence of a song by Ghana's D-Black. She claims the song was a dedication to her and Roxxie... And no offense to Bright Gameli but i have never been a fan of Ghanaian songs but this one is different.

Right off the bat it had me dancing in the office. The track is called "Vera" and is about D-Black hassling to get Vera's love but she is busy chasing the finer things in life and ending up in other men's beds as a result.

As the video plays on, his pals laugh at him cautioning him that love next time he should open his eyes up and "blur am"! Cos this girl is in everyone's bed and only he doesn't know the truth cause he's blinded.

Check out the dedication here:

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