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Get a load of this... Juliani finally flying

Tuesday, 13 March 2012 16:03 , Written by 
Juliani Juliani

We all knew him as 'the guy in the red T-shirt with the sick flow' back when he did the track 'Fanya Tena'. He illustrated his lyrical prowessness but still most of us thought that he was just another hustler. Juliani had a plan of driving a Mercedes Benz and flying high and he would make it happen.

"Msichana sasa mama, nashika tama. Mawazo ninazo, sikutumia condom nikichwado something. Saa hii najifunza kufunga napkin." With conscious lyrics like these, many thought that Juliani together with the Ukoo Flani crew would never get the greens in this 'Club influenced' music industry. Nevertheless, juliani had this unique flow with his rhymes that kept the fans coming back (me included).

Just compare this photos of Juliani in two very different timelines and see the success that I'm talking about.Juliani (Fanya Tena)Juliani (Exponential potential)

He has definitely moved from a struggling underground rapper to one of the most celebrated artistes in Kenya. Still coscious and lyrically lethal. Big up Juliani.




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