Atemi Set To Launch Her Sophomore Album Next Week.

Monday, 18 March 2013 11:32 , Written by 

Atemi needs no introduction, her name is mentioned in the same breath as music greats without hesitation.

My favorite sunday activity is listening to Capital Fm's The Lounge, and yesterday Atemi's Uwe wangu was pitted against Nanjira's walking which was our biggest story last week. Check it out. It dawned on me that fans would be waiting for her sophomore album Manzili with bated breath! Uwe wangu is one of two duets that she has done with Chris Adwar after Someday, one of my all time favorite Kenyan ballads. The kind of musical magic these two create is of epic proportions. I caught up with her and we managed to talk about her first offering Usijali featuring Mudigi Savara of Sauti Sol and this is what she shared with me.  

"Usijali was written by RKay and I, and is in the key of F major..." Yes, me being me, I just had to ask what key that was, makes you appreciate a singer's vocal capability even more when you know these little details. After whetting my appetite, she gave it to me full dose no holds barred. "I am releasing my new album next week. It is called Manzili - State of Mind. It is different from Hatimaye in that it is a more evolved sound. I'm growing and learning music is growing right along with me. The album features Chris Adwar and Chris Bittok alongside Delvin Mudigi in Usijali. There will be a launch concert but details about that will be available later.. "

There you have it, keep your eyes peeled for this album, I guarantee you, you shall not be disappointed. She recently signed with Taurus Musik who shall be distributing her music, as well as Gatwich Records founded by Immanuel Jal, which also signed Juliani. Listen to Usijali below and revel in the beauty of such awesomeness.

The Image below is what Taurus Musik tweeted a while back, I'm wondering if the new album's cover will look anything like it. Really, I'm dying of curiosity and thus I'm off to plead and prod until more details emerge. To find out more about Taurus Musik and the other huge Kenyan artists they have signed, please read that here.

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