Juliani's Latest Video Shot Using An I-Phone!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013 09:16 , Written by 

Juliani is back, with a song that is as catchy as catchy can be. His lyrical prowess is undeniable as usual.

The beat is the first thing that captures you, Dillie I repeat is one awesome producer! He by the way, is the guy who produced Khadija the remix by Wyre and Juacali. Well this video sadly is too short Juliani, what's up with that? Dillie also produced So Alive by Sage featuring Octopizzo.

Have You Gotten Juliani's Mix Tape?

I love that Juliani is singing more and more in this latest mixtape of his. The song starts by him asking "Na hii Nai ya nani ya who?..." Then he goes to say that we are in this mpango wa ka dough, meaning we all in the rat-race looking for money. My best line of course is "Superman not aware of his own strength, ako content kuwa Clark kent." Still waters run deep so goes that adage, and this man that depth that you only delve into when you listen to his music intently. 

And yes this video was shot using an I-phone. Agan Juliani, Y U No make this song longer? For more Juliani news about his latest project, read here.

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