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Music just wasn't enough for these guys, so it came to this

Thursday, 22 March 2012 15:55 , Written by 
Nonini in a movie scene Nonini in a movie scene

Doing one thing for a very long time gets really old. You eventually want to explore new grounds that your talents can adapt to. Some of our celebrities have a lot of these talents and as they have shown, are not afraid to explore them.

Some usually do this not completely sure that they will make it in another profession. But some are sure of what they are doing and they go for it head first. Take for instance some of our artistes that have added acting to their list of careers. Nonini is one of them, playing a part in the action movie 'Kila Mmoja'. Avril and vallerie Kimani are stars in the hit series 'Shuga:Love Sex and Money'. We all know Patricia from TPF. She now acts in most music videos and has proved to be great in both fields (music and acting).

However, the vise verse also occurs. Who knew that some of our best actors might just turn out to be some of the greatest musicians? We first knew Anto Neosoul from the series 'SIRI' that aired on Citizen TV. 'Shuga' then followed. Right now, Anto has multiple songs to his name and are favorites to most people. Check out Nick Mutuma from almost every film and series in Kenya. He just dropped his first official track that promises to be a huge hit (read more about it here).

Kevin Samuel from the NTV hit series 'MALI' and M-Net series 'Changes', to my surprise, is one of the best singers I've ever heard. Why he's not putting in more time on music, I honestly don't Know. Check out his song 'Believer' below this article.

Multi talented artists they all are.



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