Kenya's First Openly Homosexual Artist Releases A Christian Gospel Song

Saturday, 22 June 2013 23:09 , Written by 

Joji Baro is an openly gay and HIV+ Kenyan artist who Ghafla! first brought to the limelight.

 I honestly wonder how this guy has managed to survive all the HARSH JUDGEMENT that has surely been coming his way from uneducated Kenyans. Just goes to show how strong he is mentally beneath his wiry frame and weavy wig.

Anyway, he has come out with another bombshell, as just a few days back, he decided to go the gospel route, and release the song, "Gospel of Unity." This is definitely going to be controversial, as the Christian community is probably the most vocal in terms of their anti-gay agenda.

The message of the song is that we should preach oneness, rather than the segregative message that the Christian church currently perpetuates. While I agree with the message, when it comes to the song... well you just have to listen for yourself below:

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