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Camp Mulla's Shappaman has shaved his locks

Thursday, 29 March 2012 13:03 , Written by 
Shappaman Shappaman

He is the 'Rastaman' in the hot Kenyan Hip Hop group, Camp Mulla and also one of the reasons the girls go wild when they step on stage in their concerts. I don't know what exactly got into him that made him cut off his clean and neat dreadlocks, but I hope I don't run into it.

Despite shaving off his locks, Shappaman/Young Kass still maintains his fresh to death look, proving that swag can still come with drastic change. Good thing is that this won't change his rapping flow because if it did, we would be all up in his case.

Good music deserves acknowledgement. So does good transformation. Check out this pics that were shot at Abbas' Toklezea video launch.

Benoit 3

Benoit 2


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