Khaligraph Jones Talks Beef: I Know Octo Doesn't Like Me!

Monday, 01 July 2013 10:10 , Written by 

with the drama and beef that Bamboo kicked off last week via his twitter handle, one lad was eerily quiet. And that is the lad that Bamboo kept mentioning and saying is the future of Kenyan hiphop -Khaligraph Jones. But the lad recently took to Facebook to air his opinion on the beef and this is what he had to say:

"Okay first of, am not beefing with Octopizzo. Me n Octopizzo started doing music at the same time on the same platform which dates back to around 2008 and I Admit that after some incident we have never been into speaking terms.
At some piont he claimed he didn’t know who I Was at some interview and considering the fact that i had been supporting him even before he blew up, i decided to withdraw from the whole vibe coz I Didn’t want it to look like i was tryna ride on his fame or something.

Recently bamboo compared the two of us and he said he thinks i was better, i appreciated the fact that he thought so coz that was his opinion but that made Octopizzo to retaliate by throwing punches. I have been sidelining myself from that issue but its seems the Kenyan media loves controversy so they started putting up headlines stating that i was targeting Octo on my latest jam on my latest track called f#CK off. I Know Octopizzo doesn’t like me but I don’t think it would be right to diss or even beef with
him. i respect his work since music be his hustle so i just let him be, he shouldn’t feel intimidated by me coming up. I’m not here to steal his shine or something, am here to take KENYAN Music to the next level"

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