Other than the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, the Kanga and Kikoi Couture Extravaganza Night this weekend is the only other event that will attract the biggest number of celebrated Kenyan artistes under one roof, all of them performing, outside the country.

Friday, 02 May 2014 16:56

It's A Sunny Day With Carol Atemi

Carol Atemi Oyungu started her musical journey at the tender age of 10 singing at the junior choir at Nairobi Baptist church.

With just a week to go to the culmination of Tusker Project Fame 6, last Sunday contestants mashed up two songs to produce one different song thanks to Kenya's Afro-soul diva, Atemi Oyungu. This was a great success as contestants got to show their prowess in different genres of music and won Atemi admiration.

On Saturday night at the Carnivore we witnessed the coming together of the Past,Present & Future acts of the Kenyan Music industry ; Mercy Myra,Atemi,Dela & Sahiba ,Find out how they did it here; Courtesy of Quaint Photography;

who is the best female singer in Kenya? probably most might not know them,expecting to see other names they know in this list.Anyway i had to Listen to most of our female singers and realised that we do have the voices to compete the likes of Adele & Whitney Houston.

And here they are :

As Kenyan stand up for peace, a concert to promote it currently ongoing.

The Kilimani Festival takes place on the 14th and 15th of December in two venues featuring award-winning films and musical performances.

Guitarist Kato Change has just gotten back home from a month-long tour of the United States where he collaborated with Jazz, Hiphop and pop greats like Dave Douglas, Greg August, Mark Stewart, Mathew Garrison, producer Joel Hamilton and most notably Tribe Called Quest's Ali Shaheed.

Monday, 14 May 2012 10:08

BBC features two Kenyan artistes

Trumpet player Christine Kamau and soul singer Atemi Oyungu are featured in BBC's Africa Beats. Africa Beats is a weekly series that features news African Talent. You get to know that your music is really good if you are featured in this show.



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