If the cash was his, then Collins Majale aka Collo has added over a million bucks to his name. The rapper was seen flossing a bunch of American dollar notes.


Former member of Kleptomaniacs and self-proclaimed King wa Rap Collo is a doting father to a beautiful daughter named Tawala Majale.

The musician who caused a stir last year during the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) gala has passed away.

From a distance, Kirigo Ng’arua and Collo couldn’t be more worlds apart. They are like night and day, totally different entities.


It seems like it was just the other day when Collins Majale a.ka. Collo and his better had welcomed their newborn daughter.

While you were still debating who the king of rap in the country is, Collo has been planning to make a comeback to the limelight and now he has stolen the glamour once again.


An irate Collo has taken to Twitter crying foul because one of Kenya’s biggest security agencies guards have allegedly stolen from him.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014 10:27

This Is What Collo Has Been Up To

The self-titled King Wa Rap Collo has been missing in action for a while now .

Sub Sahara Entertainment Ltd’s signed artist Xander has released his song Hit the Floor that features Collo.

When you think of a Kenyan police officer, you think an overweight old guy with a kitambi hanging way too close to their knees. Over the weekend one Linda Okello from Kiambu County changed all that.

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