Gospel crooner, Daddy Owen, proved he was the undisputed king of creating hit songs when he dropped ‘Vanity’ some four months ago.

Size 8, wife to celebrated DJ Mo, was once one of the hottest secular singers in the country. She did hits that catapulted her to national fame and earned her a reputation among secular music enthusiast. In fact her last song Vidonge unleashed her potential fully.


Arguably some of the most popular individuals among Kenyans today, Jaguar and Sonko make news almost every day we live. And not for anything bad but their kind hearts.


They say do not judge a book by its cover unless you have read what it contains. So is the fact that people harbor a lot. They have gone through a lot and unless they really open up about their lives, you might remain in the dark for the better part of your life.

There is no artist half as self-less as Daddy Owen is. He is the perfect paragon of an exemplary artist. The epitome of selflessness. The artist who has given back to the society in kind. His contribution towards the less fortunate in our society is un-matched,. He has done  to this day what many artists will never do in their entire lifetime.. 


Gospel maestro Daddy Owen has called for an immediate end to the perennial fires at the Gikomba market.


For the first time gospel singer Daddy Owen has revealed something about his girlfriend and their future plans.


Early last week, a matatu driver and his conductor made headlines for all the good reasons when they were spotted helping disabled persons from ABC Place in Westlands by carrying them to their vehicle without charging any extra cost.

 The Mwatia brothers have always been a force to reckon with not just in Gospel circles but the entire showbiz scene. The two, Rufftone and Daddy Owen have faced so much together and it has always been one for all and all for one.


Gospel heartthrob Daddy Owen has not disappointed ever since he made his debut in the gospel industry to join his veteran brother Rufftone who showed him the way.

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