January is ending an a high note: Salaries in the bank, Valentines around the corner and of course birthday parties in plenty.

The other day Ghafla Kenya highlighted a story about a younger brother to Gospel singers Rufftone and Daddy Owen.

When veteran singer Rufftone took the airwaves hostage several years ago, little did we fathom that another of his kind would come up to challenge his music prowess.

The king of Kapungala has all reasons to smile big for he has inked a worthwhile deal with telecommunications giant Safaricom.

Ghafla Kenya reported yesterday that Emmy Kosgey had landed a lucrative government job after her exploits in the music industry.

Gospel wonder boy, Bahati, has sealed a deal with the king of Kapungala, the singer is now forced to abide by the conditions of the agreement.

Tuesday, 09 December 2014 15:33

Daddy Owen Gets Tongues Wagging Again. See Why


The brilliant Daddy Owen did it again, it appears he has mastered the trick for making folks talk about him whenever he want.


Birds of the same feather flock together. This is an old cliché that is still making sense amongst us, and especially celebrities.

If all goes as planned, January 2015 will see not one but two of the Mwatia brothers bid adieu to the bachelor life.

You are probably wondering whether water can mix with oil, stop there for just a little bit, it is not the first time though, it has happened before, let me first jerk up your memory; do you remember the hit Si Siri by genge King Juacali and gospel rapper and lyrist Juliani? Yes it has happen again.

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