The Mwatia brothers have always been a force to reckon with not just in Gospel circles but the entire showbiz scene. The two, Rufftone and Daddy Owen have faced so much together and it has always been one for all and all for one.


Gospel heartthrob Daddy Owen has not disappointed ever since he made his debut in the gospel industry to join his veteran brother Rufftone who showed him the way.


Gospel singer, Pitson, has used his expertise in the game to assist his colleague, Daddy Owen.

After Diamond Platnumz, Daddy Owen and Papa Dennis are the next big act set to dominate the continent’s screens and air waves.

He is the most sought after video directors in the industry. Now Papa Dennis and Daddy Owen have employed the services of Mr. Moe Musa and the outcome will definitely speak for itself.


Flamboyant showbiz pundit, Sadat Muhindi, has promised to sponsor a physically challenged boy after he was utterly impressed by his amazing talent.

He is ‘obsessed’ with making a difference in society. His unwavering affection has driven him to celebrate and reward the disadvantaged in the country. And he is planning to do it again real soon!

Papa Fololo is one lucky man. His trip to England has turned out to be a blessing to him than he ever anticipated.


Papa Fololo took his ‘Uluhya’ swag to England and ultimately looked for his fellow tribesman to accommodate him.

It’s only a matter of time before you get to see gospel singers, Papa Dennis and Daddy Owen hitting headlines for a good reason.

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