Willy Paul is a rather temperemental lad but then again, it is said that all the best artists are temperemnetal! He emerged unscathed from the Pendo KICC s3x scandal and he has emerged reborn!

Pulse Magazine dropped a bombshell last Friday; it would seem our local fashion industry is wrought with sexual exploitation of both men and women!

Prezzo has always had a way with the ladies and it seems his charm hasn't worn off! Just this morning, Jeff Omondi found some rather interesting evidence of a budding relationship with a beautiful Tanzanian flower and you can read about that here.

The last article i did seems to have generated alot of heat under my seat! Good! I like my chair warm and toasty anyway. and if you don't know which article i'm referring to, here's the link. But remember, don't drop the link!

I have been on record time and time again saying that Kenyan bouncers lack proper training and common decency. They often harrass clientele forgetting Mahatma Gandhi's gem of wisdom, "The customer is king."

Smitta Smitten is back to taking shots at Kenya's top artists and boy did he go H.A.M on DNG! Going as far as brazenly stating that he does indeed have beef with the recently saved artist.

With greatness comes appreciation and gospel artiste Willy Paul has put a price on his.

The Ghafla trolls are back and this time, it is all about Jua Cali and his new acquired swag.

Friday, 14 December 2012 15:18

Pulse Turns 9 Today! Congratulations!

Ladies and gentlemen, Kenya's leading entertainment weekly magazine just turned 9 years old today.

After writing the article in which A-Star gave his version of accounts as to what happened, Pulse have responded to my dare to post pictures of A-Star drinking...

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