Details of that fateful day when Kenyan Rapper Shrekeezy perished in a water accident arose after an eye witness narrated what transpired before Simon Njoroge , commonly known as Shreekezy drowned in the Indian ocean while on holiday. 

Ladies and gentlemen, here are the top 10 artists on ReverNation according to the number of plays they have enjoyed funnily enough, most of them are upcoming artists:


They go by the name of Pah One and currently, they are the artistes who have the Camp Mulla type of swagg back in Tanzania. I wouldn't compare their music to our camp Mulla though. I think it's pretty obvious who takes the musical crown here.

Shrekeezy (Simon Njoroge) is a 17 year old rapper and radio presenter. He works at Hero Radio Kenya, which broadcasts in most of Rift Valley and parts of Western and Nyanza provinces.

Shrekeezy won Teeniez Best Artist Schools Category at last year's Chaguo La Teeniez. He was also recognized as Rising Star at the inaugural East Africa Music Awards in the same year. With 18,000 fans, he ranks at number 10 among Kenyan Hip Hop artistes on the site.

Besides music, Shrekeezy is behind the Silver Collar Initiative. The initiative's aim is eradicating unemployment among Kenyan youth by facilitating the creation of creative employment through music and other artistic endeavours.

Shrekeezy is not afraid of criticism. On his Reverbnation he says, "I put so
much of myself into what I do. I even read over the negative comments 'cos that's the kind of energy I feed off of to adjust, evolve and improve my craft until it manifests into the closest thing to perfection on the next go-round. I love hearing your opinions on what songs you want and how the show should be like."

You can check out Shrekeezy's Million Dollar Dance below.


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