We have now reported thrice about how conmen have turned to Facebook to con innocent Kenyans of their hard earned money. First was the Facebook theivery incident I witnessed for myself pale Ngara. After that, there was an announcement by Grandpa records about a conman who was pretending to represent them. Then there was the con artist who was busted using the profile of Kirigo from Citizen TV. We have therefore taken it upon ourselves to provide a list of verified Facebook profiles of Kenyans most prominent celebrities. Here is the criteria we used:

This is one naturally born comedian. Funny both on and off the air. He just can't help but crack our ribs with his involuntary jokes. This morning, Churchil just trolled his colleague, Maina Kageni with what may turn out to be a real plight by Maina Kageni's fans.

Which radio partnership have been the most entertaining to listen to? Which two radio presenters have had you tuned into their show and probably even their station jjsut so you can listen to the pair?

So today as per kawa on my matatu ride to the office in the morning, the matatu driver(aka the king of radio) had tuned into Classic in the morning. The topic of the day was cheap lodgings. He was asking why men take their girlfriends to cheap lodgos, and why women accept to be taken there.

I was recently in a cyber cafe in Fig Tree, Ngara, browsing the internet before I boarded a matatu home. I was leisurely scrolling through my favorite websites, when I was distracted by the sound of a tall, dark man seated on my right, clicking buttons on his computer at a fast and furious pace.

Thursday, 13 September 2012 13:50

Maina Kageni FINALLY Bows To Public Pressure

Classic FM’s Maina Kageni whose Breakfast show is known for controversial topics has finally bowed to public pressure by announcing his entry to micro-blogging site, Twitter. Maina is the latest big media personality to join the online community.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012 11:15

FASHION POLICE: Tusker Lite Experience

The Tusker Lite Experience that went down this weekend was the place to be for all Johnny Gill fans. Curious to know what Kenyans showed up in. Well here goes your favourite frock cop:

This Thursday (13th), if you truly have been touched by conjestina’s plight, you should make your way down to Tamasha Hurlingham.

Friday, 07 September 2012 15:55


Have you ever wondered who Kenya's liveliest celebrities are?

It's time again for another celebrity auction where you'll have the opportunity to have a lunch date with one of Kenya's hottest male celebrities, all to raise money for charity. All you have to do, thanks to Maina Kageni,  is support a project on the One Percent Club as a bid.

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