When people live together for a long time, emotions run high and people lock horns. Sometimes these altercations escalate badly and people cannot go back to what they once were and sometimes they get over it and move on.

Camp Mulla was once the hottest group in the country. They reigned supreme during their heydays forcing other artists to stand aside and watch in admiration.

The 6th edition of the pulse Industry night went down last night at the carnivore Simba saloon. The edition which was also tagged as "the Camp Mulla reunion" saw the former band mates perform together on one stage backed up by a live band. Other performers included Big Pin, Mercy Myra and other upcoming artistes as DJ Creme Dela Creme and E the DJ held it on the decks. Special shout outs to Sheila Kwamboka for putting together such an awesome show to promote the local music industry.  Click next to see more photos from the event.

Shappaman is one of the most controversial celebrities to ever grace the Kenyan entertainment scene. When Camp Mulla broke out onto the scene, the young lad had girls cooing over him. I guess they could sense his "bad boy" side. And indeed, the evidence to back this up was to follow hot on the heels of the ladies sixth sense.

A couple weeks back I was strolling away from the launch of Miss World Kenya at Sankara(but do I say? :), when as I approached the junction next to KFC Westlands, I saw a HUGE traffic pile up all across Westlands.

Shappaman was the more volatile member of the Kenyan super group Camp Mulla. Was? Is. he is still a member of the group although they are currently on a hiatus as they explore their artistic talents as solo acts. But away from that, allow me to get down to the matter. And the matter is the sister he calls his beau.


Talented and beautiful solo songstress Tiri Murai launched her Mixtape on 8th March 2014 at the R & B Club, Westlands. Check out this pics by Role Models Photography from the launch...

Monday, 16 December 2013 17:03

Camp Mulla: Have They Lost the Plot?

Not so long ago, I was sitting down and having breakfast with some of the entertainment industry's most important stakeholders. The topics we ran through could provide material for a novel. But the one topic that we broached that everyone seemed interested in was "25Flow" the term that was coined by Camp Mulla to describe their refreshingly new take on Kenyan hiphop.

tiri is one of the break-out artists of this year who is also known for being Kus ma's girlfriend. For those of you who do not know this, Kus Ma is the lad from Camp Mulla who also dabbles in production and was responsible for some of their top tunes. She was recently on a social media site sharing some interesting relationship advice.

Thursday, 28 November 2013 13:33

Camp Mulla Set For Botswana Performance

Camp Mulla are one of the biggest musical exports this generation of Kenyans has offered the world and their star just seems to shine on and on. And it would seem they aren't done with the legacy they are building. And Botswana are the latest country to play host to the duo of Kus Ma and Shappaman.

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