We have a long weekend ahead and what better way to let everything go than with the best music, fine wine and a sexy bevy of experienced belly dancers gyrating their wiry waists for your viewing pleasure?

The long-awaited lengthy Easter Holiday is fast approaching and most of you just can’t wait for Friday to get here! With 4 days thrown at you, you shouldn’t have any excuse for not loosening up.

Tuesday, 08 April 2014 13:53

Shaffie Weru A Father... Again!

We have a new father in town and that is none other than Kiss 100’S Drive Show host Shaffie Weru.


With the latest spate of terrorist attacks on innocent civilians, security breach is out of the question. However, in some cases, some private security personnel use excessive force in not-so tense and potentially dangerous situation.

With hours after the announcement of his demise, friends, fans and family are yet to come to terms with the news of the sudden death of Peter Kahura Kaberere AKA Kabz. A humble man with a golden heart will forever live on.

Drama ensued at a Church in Nakuru that almost paralyzed the Sunday service after the pastor was accused of preying on a man’s wife instead of praying for her.

So today I found out that a gospel event promoter named Diedero has been going out with Beyonce for the past few months!


Guys, have you not heard that you should not believe everything you read on the internet on April Fools' Day? Anyhow, the yearly day of pranks was in full swing yesterday and we rounded up a few of the best April Fools' Day capers…and you guys believed!

Just when you thought campaigns against women violence had done enough, a grave case hits you in the face. Physical violence is still rife in the society.

It seems that Mr. Nice’s misery is not ending anytime soon. After being unceremoniously booted out of the Grandpa Records camp, Mr. Nice could be seeing himself out on the cold streets again.

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