The day we have all be waiting for has finally arrived, Janet Mbugua's wedding.


It’s been a minute since we saw retired president Mwai Kibaki. But he made his first public appearance after a long time alongside Uhuru Kenyatta, Margaret Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto.


Back in 2013 and a large part of 2014, Hivo Ndio Kunanendanga was a huge hit in the country, enjoying massive airplay all over the country.

 Wakamba ni moto wa kuotea mbaleeee….Uliza Governor Mutua. We’re now done with the Kyuks and Luos and Kales,Who best to be next in line than the Community famous for it’s sex prowess? The Official Kenyan Lotharios?


Kenyans LOVE shopping malls, I don’t know why, but they just do and that is why we see shopping malls popping up right left and center.

Yesterday,we explored the sexiest KIKUYU Female Celebs in Kenya. And it was fun. Or wasn't it? Of course it was! Judging by just how many of You read that article....And seemed to agree...In the privacy of your,er,bedrooms?

It’s Thirsty Thursdays aaaaand,we wanna serve You with some real hot mamas  from Your own tribe…Or a different one given that we all are Kenyans.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015 11:57



Jeff Koinange has seen inside a cell for the first time!

I'm totally flustered by Artists who purport to be showbiz gods, it is annoying, draining and downright stupid if not immature. 


Ghafla Kenya, as it is the norm, is the only blog that can piss off and walk away with it honourably. And we don’t just piss off with lies and rumours but with hard evidence that leaves the accused not only mesmerized but also flat-footed and speechless.

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