Make Up artistes have the insane ability to transform the ashiest village bumpkin into a red carper-ready-beautiful Beyonce.

Plastic surgery is a booming business; this is because of people’s pursue for perfection or people who identify with a different gender identity from the one they were born with.

It's about that time of the year when the wheat is separated from the chaff, the Bloggers Association of Kenya Awards.


For the last two days it’s been all doom and gloom in the nation F.M Forte. People have lost their source of livelihood among them Teacher Wanjiku and Lorna Irungu.

Man, these streets are cold. After enjoying sweet relief from unemployment, Teacher Wanjiku has been fired once again from QFM by the Nation Media Group .

Victoria Rubadiri and Larry Madowo had the most amazing palpable chemistry on Kenyan TV and many felt that there was a lot of love going on behind the screens.


Most of us are not transparently racist, prejudiced intolerant people but give a man a mask or a pseudo name, and what they will say or do will leave you recoiling in horror.

We could blame it on culture, upbringing or religion but the increasing level of domestic  violence in Kenya is alarming and the worst part is that it's taken with a grain of salt despite how grave the matter is. You will hear a man bragging in a bar to his cronies about how he taught his hard-headed and insubordinate wife “a lesson” and people will just listen on, riveted.

 ​​Last Friday I wrote an article about the most daring guy I have ever met, Jaffa Jackson, the ultimate fashionista himself, shortly after the photo gallery went up, people started complaining that the article was lacking in information etc etc, I made a follow up on the same, I Interviewed Jaffar and this is what I was able to gather. 

 Ghafla: In a nutshell who is Jaffar Jackson?

Jaffar: I am a lifestyle observer, fashion stylist and model choreographer

Ghafla: You have an accent, Is it Sudanese?

Jaffar: Hahahaha, You're funny, Its British, I was born in Nairobi, but grew up in London while attending school.

Ghafla: Yes I'm funny, you have no idea, So well, what did you study in school?

Jaffar: International marketing 

Ghafla: Many people are curious about your sexual orientation,especially now that you dress like a woman , could you shed some light on that?

Jaffar: Uhm, Kenyans are stereotypical in nature, so I will let them have their way in guessing and generalizing 

Ghafla: Well, woould  you say that you are a man or a woman?

Jaffar: That too, I'll pass 

Ghafla: Let's talk about matters fashion now.

Jaffar: ahar...

Ghafla: Fashion inspiration?

Jaffar: Iris Apfel. She is over 93 and still won’t tone down her style. She’s always dressed on the eccentric side of showy. Love her!

Ghafla : Favourite fashion magazine?

I’m loving Couture Magazine at the moment.

Ghafla: What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

Jaffar: Glasses, especially geek clear, thick framed sunglasses: John Lennon Sunglasses, the Wendy Williams Cat Eye Designs and Louis Vuitton Limited Edition.

Ghafla:Favourite lipstick colour?

Jaffar Party Pop from Busu Cosmetics.

Ghafla : Timeless skin tip:

Jaffar: Use cold tea bags to get rid of shine and honey on your face while in the bath.

Ghafla: What does fashion mean to you?

Jaffar: Fashion is my life.

Ghafla :Your outfit isn’t complete without?

Jaffar: The perfect eyewear.

Ghafla: If you could only wear one colour for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Jaffar: Black.

Ghafla: Favourite jewellery?

Jaffar: Chunky double bangles.

Ghafla: Loyal to which designer?

Jaffar: I’ve always loved and still love the cut on Kaveke‘s designs.

Ghafla: What are your three essentials all year round?

Jaffar: A white button down shirt (I’m loving dress shirts), neutral jackets (trench and leather) and skinnies (both denim and chinos).

Ghafla:You wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without?

Jaffar:Lip gloss.

Ghafla:You have the hardest time getting dressed for?

Jaffar:The office. I have a very loud sense of humour, which can be a tad much for the office so its always tricky. I’m lucky I work in a fashion savvy office.

Ghafla: Accessory you can’t live without is?

Jaffar: Eyewear.

Ghafla: Fashion trend you absolutely hate:

Jaffar: Wedge sneakers.

Ghafla:On weekends, you’re most often spotted wearing?

Jaffar: Denim vest (shirts and jackets). It’s my latest obsession.

Ghafla: What do you think of the Citizen Tv Fashion watch?

Jaffar: First things first, you cannot speak about something that you are not, the panelist should be done away with, the only person who deserves to sit on that panelist is Annabelle Onyango. The rest should be sent packing.


Kamlesh Pattni’s dirty little hands are back to haunt KAA and the Kenyan tax payers and this time, he is wielding bought power at the Ministry of Transport to because mayhem at KAA – all because he still wants to run the duty free shops at all Kenyan Airports.

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