Celebrated songbird Suzanna Owiyo has been on the campaign to better the environment and make it safe for the populations.
Wednesday, 03 June 2015 16:18

KTN's DJ Sadic Lands Another Lucrative Job

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  In this very dynamic world one needs to be really smart to meander through the murky waters of life, to curve a niche for themselves and to lead a better a life.
Wednesday, 03 June 2015 11:40

Thugs Rob Celebrated Gospel Producer

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  It is so unfortunate that whenever you struggle had to curve a niche for yourself and live a better life there is someone somewhere watching keenly and eager to bring you down to zero. Such people include thieves among others.
Davido recently came to the country and gave a performance that Kenyans will never forget, mainly because it was a waste of good tickets and time.
I will skip the basic details and  tell you how you can save a young man's life in the true Kenyan spirit of sharing. Edward Obiero, we are told is a  young man who has had it rough with life. At  a tender age, he lost his dad  to cancer. The problems did not stop there, he was diagnosed with cancer of the kidney, he underwent surgery and had his kidney removed. Unfortunately, cancer has come back to haunt him. He needs to have an operation done on him in India soonest possible... 
  Dear Kenyan celebrities and wannabe celebs, (Yawn!!!)
  Khaligraph Jones has being fighting unending wars with his musical nemesis Octopizzo over who is better than the other. The two do not see each other eye to eye thanks to this unending beef between them. In fact it is justifiable to argue that their beef has threatened hip hop music in Kenya considering that other rappers do not want to seize the gap created by the two to build their own empires.
  Being associated with the president is what a lot of people desire and DJ Mo is no different.
  Contrary to popular belief that rappers are unromantic, or rather most Kenyan men, P Unit’s Boneye proved there is still a speck of romance in the country’s men.
  It was Madaraka Day yesterday, the day Kenyans congregate to celebrate the attaining of self-rule, and  as expected, President Uhuru and his entourage had to address the national at the Nyayo National stadium.
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