7 years ago, on 22nd September, 2007, the music world, both gospel and secular, came to a stand still when the worst of news hit the airwaves: Gospel Diva ANGELA CHIBALONZA was no more!
  We all know Jackie Chandiru right? The Ugandan sensation who took over the East African scene in 2014 as one of the astounding members of BLu 3? Yes that one, with the melodious voice and just the curves that make you want to go uuuuuh! Plus she’s not a GOLD-DIGGER which adds up as a bonus to her vivaciousness and vigour. Apparently she’s at it again this time talking about being a champion and a winner; and the way she says it, forget what you heard, this right there is the definition of HOT! And to make it even more spicier, she’s in the company of the equally lovely Shaa from Tanzania and trust me it goes down. Okay, let me not spoil for you, watch the video yourself>>>>  
In a duration of about a year, we have seen two radio queens hang up their microphones.
You are all aware that Caroline Mutoko will be leaving The Kiss100 Breakfast Show on 29th of September, which is this coming Monday.
Wednesday, 24 September 2014 07:56

Top American Rapper Coming to Kenya Soon; Find Out Who

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 One of America’s East Coast finest rapper has announced that he will be jetting into the country mid next month for a concert in Nairobi.
GOOD NEWS: Wangechi is out of the ICU. Better News,She is Talking. Best News,I saw Her. Heavenly News,God is Good.
  You remember that Risper Faith, the bootyful socialite spent a better part of her Friday evening at parklands police station for a con allegation that was leveled against her by one of the darkest superstars of our time, Blaqy, A Rapper so dark in complexion that he actually called himself Blaqy- Well when Blaqy is not being black, he gets conned, really well, like if you want fast money, you call him up and con him. However before you con Blaqy,think, Risper Faith didn't think, when you don't think, bad things happen to you, like you get booked and spend the night at a police station- its not really cool especialy if you are the queen of socialites So Risper Faith failed to pay the agreed amount by 11am on saturday, together with Dickson, her manager, they tried their hand at magic... Abracadabra! They Dissappeared into thin air after…
Tuesday, 23 September 2014 17:26

Make A Date With Bongo Star Hussein Machozi Tonight!

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What have you planned for tonight?
Tuesday, 23 September 2014 17:10

Professional Kenyan Cop Set to Launch His New Hit Single Featured

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Seith Masiga aka Massiger will be launching his second single tonight at Tribeka. Massiger released his first single ‘Nilipokuposa’  just last year then this year, he worked with Ogopa Dj's to release 'Me & You' Something that I'm sure will shock you, Seith is an Administrative Officer based in Murang'a! Who knew our cops have other talents apart from harassing us!? Any who, he brings in a new twist with hiss new urban and digital swag, that puts him on another level especially among his colleagues, in his current song, an Afro pop, a well arranged Afro beat, he talks of the need to cherish and appreciate women and those dedicated in fighting for humanity. See you at Tribeka tonight, as from 8pm Here it is a sneak peak for your listening pleasure;
The enormous crowd Jaguar controls is the best description of the singer’s music success and the acceptance his music enjoys with the masses.
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