It Started with Blaqy, Then Sauti Sol, and Sanaipei, producing videos that were all rated as 'Un-Television worthy" the content was too hot for normal viewership,so apparently, it seems that Kenyan artistes have picked this new propensity towards explicit music content. Check out Noti Flow's New edge on Ratchetness... You Said. Where do i start? From the begging right? ,okay, You may not know Noti  flow, but you are about to.. She has produced two videos, back to back...-The latest, dubbed "you said" is the typical romantic story of a jilted lover (read girl) who is promised the earth and heaven by her boyfriend, only to be given none, if you are the type that loves a good heart break song , Taylor swift or Ed Sheeran (huge comparison) You are definitely going to love this video.
  I know its sensual, please enjoy.
Friday, 03 October 2014 18:30

This is Why #CelebrityingKenya is Trending on Tweeter Featured

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What are you usually up to on Mashujaa Day? Nothing of importance? Then I got the perfect plot for you! From the comfort of your seat, you just change your channel to KTN at 2.30pm and get to watch awesome performances from Kenyan artistes who will WOW you! The artistes will be performing for the MCSK Gala. MCSK usually appreciates various Kenyan artistes that cut across through different genres and religion. The performances will be cutting across between 1963-2013. Here are some of the artistes who will be performing; TAXI DRIVER - will be Performed by JOHN NZENZE   NDOA YA MACHOZI - Performed by TONY NYADUNDO   KADHAA - Performed by NONINI   KISUMU 100 - Performed by SUZAN OWIYO  
Self-made millionaire singer Akothe has no better way of flaunting her cash as she has decided to take a helicopter ride from Nairobi to Eldoret just to attend a graduation ceremony.
  Victoria Kimani! Sassy, effervescent, vivacious and extremely talented are just but a few words to describe this Kenyan diva. She has taken Africa by storm and she has no apologies to make. She can keep a secret too as Ghafla came to find out. Apparently she has been seeing Nigeria’s flavour. According to our reliable source, they were recently caught in a very compromising position caressing each other passionately; Victoria actually went ahead to give Flavour a lap dance. According to our source, as things getting heated up, the unexpected happened. Actually Victoria was just teasing and was a matter of fact was sick and tired of Flavour straying ways. So yes, it looks like their romance had been going on for a while and now things had started going down South. Efforts by the Nigerian superstar to woo her also didn’t seem to yield any positive results. “I…
Yesterday I got the opportunity to spend my evening with really cool peeps! I was over at Shaffie's and Jalango's club, it called The Vault. You should set a date and pass by. Its on Baricho Rd, just before Choices. I for an MCSK briefing. They will be having an Award Gala on the 20th of October, 2014. It shall be aired live on KTN, so save the date. So I got to meet some celebs, and learn quite a lot from about my country. I met the inventors of the comical Hapa Kule News; -Waithaka   Former Str8-Up Live host Tamima was also there;     Tamima will be the MC for the Gala alongside Big Ted    and Jalang'o   and not forgetting the beautiful Debbie Asila This Gala will be different, artistes who will be performing will not be singing their usual songs but doing a collabo-ish…
The eloquent rapper-Xtatic disclosed that she is parting ways with her former management/publishing company as she is looking forward to a new beginning.
What is you #Paragasha ? What makes you tick in life? Is it music, love, your kids, life, sun, rain, moon, selfies, tv or your friends? 
I tell you the act they pulled many will question the motive behind it. Well this time round it was something that wouldn’t go unmentioned; No, not even the dumb could fail to talk about this.
Thursday, 02 October 2014 08:44

Is Gkon Dating Angel the Socialite?

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Mhh do I smell love in the air? Well it seems rapper GKon has a new catch and he sure wants to floss his baby girl to mark his territory.
Wednesday, 01 October 2014 17:36

This Is Kaka Sungura's New Video!! And Its Gospel!!

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Kaka Empire is still on that Canon vibe, blasting hits after hits.Yes, The King is back wielding an Excalibur made of orthopedic acme   The newest acquisition to the empire, the Excalibur, is the New Video, "Kafiri" a song that has been done by Kaka Sungura and Kanana. I took time off to listen and watch the video, i was blown away, this is not a marketing stunt, the video is worth watching!  Let me not spoil the fun, why don't you watch it here?  
The track is full profuse praise for the most high, for the far that HE has brought the Kaka empire!!-Having Kanana on the video was the best idea,her prowess at being a songstress has turned the song into a major track- On a scale of 10, the track bags 8! 
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