Gospel wonder boy, Bahati is trying to rediscover himself and has gone for a complete overhaul of his wardrobe.
Gospel artiste Ringtone Apoko has joined the list of gospel artistes who have defied Biblical teachings to go partying in clubs.
Former Candy n Candy CEO, Joe Kariuki has joined the exclusive club of high-flying Kenyans. Joe is cementing his foot in aviation industry with his own jet.
Thursday, 05 February 2015 13:12

Gasp! Is Capital F.M's Anita Nderu Pregnant ? (Photos)

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Men literally wept when news broke out that one of showbiz’s finest women Brenda Wairimu was preggers.
It is the first Thursday of February 2015 and as it is a norm, this is the day when the hashtag #TBT comes into use big time.
Most Kenyans prefer homemade things because they probably want to feel part of the whole project and also see their own resources being made use of.
Thursday, 05 February 2015 10:52

Jaguar: I Never Begged Iyanya For A Collabo

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The beef between the Kenya's Jaguar and Nigeria's Iyanya is getting fatter and fatter each day as the two singer trade accusations against each other.
Thursday, 05 February 2015 10:22

Mejja Shakes Off From Kansoul Crew To Go Solo

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Sensational veteran singer Mejja is shaking away from his fellow Kansoul Crew members to revert to his old days as a solo singer.
All lens zoomed in at Abbas Kubaff as he stole the glamour at club Cubano’s newest branch in abroad, Rongai.
Thursday, 05 February 2015 09:25

Kenyan Artists Want Marijuana Legalized

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Marijuana is an illegal substance in most countries of the world, Kenya being one of them. It is infact considered a dangerous drug and which will land one into a long jail term if found in possession or using it.
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