The success of Papa Dennis’ song on YouTube is one that will even make Blaqy and Rajayjay stop fighting for the king of ratchetness slot and stare with admiration or maybe with envy as well.
Wednesday, 08 October 2014 15:03

Celebrated Musician Exposes Her Materialistic Nature

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The public normally rates musicians according to what they give back, first in terms of music and then other things like their level of philanthropy and social life in general. But have you ever seen a musician not giving her music career the very first priority and instead put money first before the music itself?
Candy n Candy Records has invested millions of shillings in promoting local talents through its inventive program the Candy Clear Channel which has been giving upcoming and underground musicians a platform to launch their careers.
The proverbial Sauti Sol had a difficult time controlling rowdy high school students who could not get enough of the singing trio.
A Kisii musician has done his own version of Sauti Sol's Sura Yako. And the minute I started playing it in the office,I yanked my earphones off,pumped up my laptop volume,played it so loud and danced so hard, I guess I will be jobless by this evening! I cant have ENOUGH! Just Cant!
  We are in a new month, October to be precise, and Abass Kubaff has something new for you. Even though by 20th October the month shall have aged, Abass has something kept in store for you till then, probably to ensure that you are kept with the jovial mood that comes with brand new things.
  DJ Sadic is currently in the land of milk and honey to attend the annual Dove awards and he is surely living the American dream as evident by his mingling with the bigwigs of USA show biz.
Of course everybody loves his/her country for one, two or several reasons but Abass Kubaff’s are just amazing.
The Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) Gala is here again! And among those expected to rock the gala is Abass Kubaff.
He produced one of the most controversial videos of our time that was banned outright because it was believed to erode morals among the Kenyan public.
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