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Check Out Holy Dave's Children's Foundation Featured

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  Rapper and philanthropist Holy Dave alias David Muthengi founded The David Muthengi Foundation with the aim of giving back to the society. He chose to focus on education sighting that education plays a direct role in reducing poverty and enhancing economic development. Along with his friends Kelele Takatifu, Christ Cycoz, Recapp and Ken the Dj The David Muthengi Foundation has partnered with the Braeside School Community Service program to host a series of charity concerts raising support for purchasing special education learning materials for underprivileged students. The beneficiaries of the last two charity concerts were Thika School for the Blind and Dagoreti Special School. Apart from partnering with like minded individuals and organizations on different charity causes the foundation raises support from well-wishers and manages the funds under the David Muthengi Foundation Trust Fund to pay school fees for underprivileged students, purchase learning materials for needy schools and to…
When I first read the story on Standard Digital, I couldn't believe what was alleged. Apparently, top Kenyan video director Kevin Bosco Jr. who was only just recently married to femcee Petra was on the verge if he hadn't already initiated the process of divorcing his still blushing bride. I was alarmed. What could have caused such a drastic turn of events? I had to find out just what was going on.
Beauty queen and singer, Rachel Marete, has spoken for the first time about how she managed to penetrate the impossible and highly competitive Hollywood. There have been rumours floating around how she had to drop her pants to make ends meet in The States.
Since it's inception in December 2012, Mdundo continues to make its value-added music distribution top priority and give artists and easy way to distribute music. This July Mdundo is paying out royalties for the 7th time in just 18 months and the service is distributing money to more than 3,000 East African artists.
Taurus Musik is excited to introduce to the Kenyan market a budding new artist… Mz. Kiss. She is most known for her successful new release SPATUCUZ that has elevated her fame to amazing heights.
Today happens to be the birthday for Willy Tuva’s daughter, Tanya and the Mambo Mseto presenter took time to put down a very poignant dedication to her.
In the paparazzi-crazed world of showbiz, some celebs still manage to slip away and have their special day in private. From P Unit’s Bon-eye to Size 8 snuck off for a secret wedding.
For those of you who have not realised it yet, a #groundie is the new favourite pose for some Africans (only heavens know why). It's the latest craze in town and has taken over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
Kenyan born, globally celebrated, and uniquely beautiful, the remarkable Pierra Makena is proof that one can have it all.
  The music industry is in a perpetual state of vicious competition and the best thing about this is that it means that it is constantly evolving -or rather our musicians are. They have to so that they remain relevant. And this week, I have the privilege to announce the best performing artists in Kenya in terms of downloads.   And the ten hottest songs this week in terms of downloads are:
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