You know it’s bound to be a grand hit if Madtraxx and Mejia are on the track.
Hands down, Nameless and Wahu are Kenya’s showbiz power couple and the delicious-looking celebrity couple's every move prompts mouthwatering envy. It’s safe to say that this couple is our very own version of Jay and Bey.
In June, Grandpa Records’ talisman, DNA, parted ways with the renowned record label after 2 years of a great partnership.
In Scandinavian folklore, a troll is a big, slow idiot beast that eats people and turns to stone in the sunlight. After some jiggering throughout history, a troll became a person who sows discord on the Internet by posting or off-topic messages in an online community.
  It is now official, Gusii region has been renamed Banana Republic, musically speaking, and Ndizi flow/flavor is its genre of music.
Victoria Kimani is not only an amazing vocalist with a beautiful face, but she also owns flat belly, cut arms and a generally well toned body
STL made a plan. Rather, STL's team decided to get professional about hoiw they were going to release the remix to her hit "Biashara". They drafted a media plan of how they were going to do a media tour -visit different radio and television stations to promote their song. Make no mistakes about it, this is a time consuming and energy sapping process. But nothing good comes easy.
Radio Africa’s Carol Radull really knows football.
Don’t you just love hearing how love birds met, I know I do. Octopizzo yesterday shared the story of how he met the love of his life and the mother to his youngest daughter Zara.
Good morning good people! It's Thursssday which means share a special story day. Here is ours, incredibly moving! Feel free to share yours too;
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