Music is a jungle, laced with all manners of man eaters, from fake producers who promise you heaven to fellow artists who will go as far as helping you dig your six feet. Lets talk of Messiah, commonly known Felix Ochieng, an up coming artiste who wants quick fame and probably quick money, (given that the two go hand in hand) He was recently featured in a video by Blaqy, the skirt wearing king or ratchetdom. The video which was delayed by over a month saw bad blood between Blaqy, Messiah and the producer Ondivo also known as David Ochieng.   Producer Ondivo in the photoshoot It is alleged that Ondivo was playing with women in the video shoot of the club banger “ Blaqy -Dance Together “ besides shunning the duties that he had been contracted to do Ondivo would be seen fondling guileless girls who had come to the…
Monday, 24 November 2014 16:17

Victoria Kimani Goes Plastic (Photo)

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  We first came across Victoria Kimani In her ‘Love Vs Hate’ hit song  with her elder brother Bamboo.
Monday, 24 November 2014 15:44

DJ Mo Arrested!

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DJ Mo had an awful morning today after he had a run in with the police and got arrested.
Monday, 24 November 2014 15:04

Revealed: All Gospel Artistes Need To Know This!

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The 6th edition of Raytalk went down on 15th Nov at Micheal Joseph Center, with the pomp and flair that participants have come to expect from the showbiz forum. They say talk is cheap, but when a little talk improves your bottom line, then the rule definitely has an exception. The all day workshop brings together players from the music industry to train and equip them. Dr Ron Archer, NFL Chaplin and adviser to President Obama was at hand to motivate artist to be all they can. He said: “I’ve been in the country for just three months and I am already closing deals worth millions. People don’t pay you according to your talent, they pay you according to the value you assign yourself. If you want to be successful, simply apply the principles of success.” Dr. Ofweneke with a friend looks on as Judge Ian cuts cake The workshop…
Kenya celebrity power couple Nameless and Wahu’s daughters have really grown up fast, the first born has a striking resemblance to the mother.
Some things can seriously break down someone’s life if that person is not strong enough to withstand the turbulence with which they hit.
  Overcoming the temptations of socialites considering the fact that some have all the blessings when it comes to matters anterior and posterior, matters causing kerfuffle in the nerves of men, and matters baiting men into different worlds, requires the intervention of the Holy Ghost.
Monday, 24 November 2014 10:15

The Official Mdundo TOP25 Singles Chart This Week

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MDUNDO TOP25 (MOVED UP / MOVED DOWN / SAME SPOT)   SECULARHOT SONG OF THE WEEK: Nyongwa - The Kansoul1. Sura Yako - Sauti Sol2. Sisikii - Jux3. Nikimuona - Avril  4. Uliza Kiatu - H_art the band (Penya Africa) 5.Butterfly (Kiwojolo) - Nameless6. Kipi Sijasikia Prof Jay feat. Diamond - DJ Choka  7. Em-Besha - Khaligraph Jones 8. Twende feat. Sudi Boy - Rabbit (Kaka Sungura)9. Nyongwa - The Kansoul (NEW!!) 10. One Centimeter - Jaguar  GOSPELHOT SONG OF THE WEEK: Tulizo - Adawnage Band 1. Tam Tam (Willy Paul feat. Size 8) - Size 82. Visa - Bahati3. Nitembelee - Benachi4. I do - Dyna Nyange5. Tosheka - M.O.G 6. I am Blessed - Hopekid 7. Neno Moja - Jimmy Gait8. Makelele - Mr Seed Star Boy 9. Mwema Kwangu - Judy Shiro10. Tulizo - Adawnage Band SPROUTING ARTISTS 1. SirMbezi2. Rapaholic3. Dan-gee4. Natty5. Otivoh
The singing moran has vowed never to be cheated on ever, but what is the reason behind his cause of action?
Monday, 24 November 2014 09:50

Could This be Our Very Own Kendrick Lamar? Featured

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  So what exactly makes a good rapper? Is it the lyricism? Is it the swag? Is it the bragging and the show off? Or is the ability to tell a story? Well, I don’t know but this rapper going by the name of Young Haze seems to have it all.
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