There those people that struck gold in the gene jack pot, and these celebrity siblings are some of the best looking siblings around.  
Top of the morning beautiful people! It's Tuesday and feels good to be back after a week-long working trip. Much has taken place but first, here's what you should know this morning;
All good things must come to an end. And even creative relationships. And this is one such case. DNA feels his working relationship with Grand Pa has run it's course and it is time to say goodbye but what better way to do that other than to cut off the relationship while both are still ahead.
And now gentlemen, let the water works begin:
With just 18 months in the industry, 21 year old Chuchu has everything going on for her. Her sharp fashion sense and silky voice are just but pointers to this young and versatile artist. The already has two singles out, 'Upendo ' and 'Beautiful' which have all done well receiving great airplay and opening doors for this young artist both in business partnerships like the one with MobileSawa and a couple of top nominations. Currently Chuchu is working on a long term project of getting her album out by mid next year though her current project is the release of her new single ''Naondoka''  which is set to take the industry by storm.  Here is one of her new singles which demonstrate why the only way for the artist is up Listen HERE
Last weekend, on Sunday to be precise, word went round that Willy Paul was throwing tantrums about taking the stage as an opening act for Bahati and DK Kwenye Beat but Wily Paul came out saying that story had no substance. But I wanted to get Bahati's take on things and lad was kind enough to indulge me.
When Xtatic signed a major recording deal, I was ecstatic. Why? Because I figured it was going to open up doors for Kenyan artists other than just Xtatic. but that was before I fully appreciated how record labels work. And then I came to see that they they have to approve every move their artists make to ensure that they are financially viable -to them. But I digress.
This is the official statement from the government on what happened this past weekend and why it resulted in Kenya's representatives at the Smithsonian Folklive Festival not being paid:
Nelius is an upcoming artiste setting standards. The fourth year student at the University Of Nairobi may have come from a humble background but her future is definitely bright.
Kenyan politics of kleptocracy and greed came to a head this past weekend at Washington DC when Kenyan artists refused to take the stage at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival this past weekend with the slogan "No shilling, no singing" was the by word. Needless to say, Kenya was humiliated as our dirty laundry was put on display in the heart of the seat of power of the "free" world.
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