Even if you are a non-believer, you probably have a rough idea of what it means when one mention hell; we all assume it is the worst place to be, everlasting fire, suffering and so on. What about if there is actually someone who can tell you the real hell story?
They say that a man with cash and fame is a lady magnet and true to that saying, African Bantu Bamboo used his massive cash to lure the girlfriend of a south coast artiste Brown Mauzo into his den.
Wow i cannot believe this day has finally reached; Friday is one of the most favorite day to many working going guys. Let me add joy to your beautiful day by giving you an outline of some of the dramas of yesterday; check out here:
With 760,000 hits on You Tube, it is clear that ‘Nishike’ is the biggest song of 2014.
  The Kenyan Coke Studio is giving artiste from across the continent the much needed platform to work something out; if you thought only East African artistes were the ones who only get excited by the idea of working with artistes from the continental power house Nigeria, wait till you hear Yemi Alade speaks.
  Kajairo is back with one ‘joke’ that will leave you to cry because of the intensity of humor in it, this will surely make the mocked parties to wonder what Kajairo was thinking to pull such a comic.
We were the first to break to you the news that Tam Tam had been stolen, but sit tight ladies and gentlemen, there is more.
  Mention the best music group in the country today and I bet Sauti Sol’s name would not be far from the top of that list; their exponential success is surely taking them places.
  Yesterday,Prezzo’s Ex-Wife badly exposed him on Facebook. On Facebook! NONSENSE!
The country’s entertainment fraternity will be celebrating the birthday of a top Dj this day; the Dj from Hero radio will looking up for more to come as he enjoys his day.
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