When Ethel Kennedy decided to start ice bucket challenge to raise awareness and funds for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), she had no idea that the challenge would be a gimmick best repeated the world over.
What do Lupita Nyong'o and Willy Paul have in common? They are both representing Kenya incredibly well internationally.
  After the leaked video of the above personalities came into limelight, One centimeter hit maker has sort to shed light into what was really transpiring.
My word! I am neither Bogonko Bosire (who is still missing) nor am I Roy Kohadha Ogalla (may the Lord rest his soul in eternal peace) and I am not bullet proof.
The Lord sure did work overtime when he created some of these lasses! No really, some lasses look like they were created in the dead on night right before the good Lord clocked out -and I know you can relate to what I am saying if you are a creative. If you aren't then ask a creative.
This week could not have been an easy week for one of Kenya's best music producers, Kevin Provoke who was earlier in the week accused of sexual harassment and outright coercion/rape by some of the female artists he has worked with. But the lad opted for a very classy way of responding to the allegations.
I dropped out of university. My mother recently asked me whether I regretted my decision to drop out of university and the honest answer for me, my truth, Uncle Chim Tuna's truth is "No!".Working at Ghafla with Baba Ghafla has afforded me more opportunities than I would ever have had if I had a degree.
The photos first appeared on the Pulse magazine. And then, they begun to trickle online and that is when they first begun to cause a proper stir. Actually, you would be forgiven for not knowing what I am prattling about because honestly, people only read the free weekly pullout value add to the Friday edition of The Standard magazine to read Tony Mochama/Smitta Smitten.
It would seem Honourable John Mututho is in my stories one too many times today. The man who was rejected by his Naivasha constituents only to be appointed NACADA head seems -if these allegations are accurate, not to be paying his staff at 107.3 Mururi FM and this has been the situation since September 2013.
Sometimes, even the most fashion forward celebrities we have get caught out looking off. This is one such case. Octopizzo is today's culprit. The lad who happens to have been one of my selections for fashion icon stepped out in England looking like he had raided Willy Wonka's wardrobe!
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