Who knew DJ Pierra Makena was this blessed? In fact she is one of the very few women who normally flaunt their posteriors for cameras to enjoy the serenity they offer. I know she doesn’t want to look like these socialites whose biggest strength lies behind their butts. A friend of mine the other day told me that it is only socialites who do what I accuse her of. She was in this skimpy yet attractive skirt that prompted me to suggest she deserves a spot on Tonny Ndung’u’s Ghafla! Girl.
Going by the latest developments, DJs and singers are definitely squaring up against each other and it is only a matter of time before we see blows being exchanged and probably blood being shed.
She is one singer who had raised above hate a number of times to shame critics who have been keen to see her downfall. Avril is currently on a path to a major success again.
White gloves on, moccasins and those sleek pants in partial celebration of the life of one of the most memorable phenoms of our generation. The Michael Jackson phenomenon. Today marks 6 years since  the celebrated pop king passed on. But his memory lives on,years after his death- Some people even say that he became bigger in death than he was alive... 
The most coveted and feted singing group in East Africa has been everyone’s talk since they landed yet another great nomination for the MTV MAMA awards.
  Jaguar has enjoyed several months of leeway since the year began but now his Christmas has been brought to an abrupt standstill with sad news, winter is coming!
  Kibera came to the limelight once again for all the unwanted reasons when a section of its residents descended on structures and amenities put up by NYS under the stewardship of the ministry of devolution, destroying some of them including clinics and toilets in what they say is protest of the alleged mishandling of money by devolution CS Anne Waiguru.
Kalekye Mumo’s new job is bringing her even closer to her fans. The Kiss FM presenter commands a huge following that get to their feet at her sight!
Flamboyant gospel singer, Papa Dennis, has received a career boosting invitation in the United Kingdom.
  Yesterday we brought you photos of how Kenya’s wealthy songbird Akothee was spending some juicy moments south of the continent with celebrated African singers P Square and Mr. Flavour from Nigeria.
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