The other day Ghafla Kenya highlighted a story about a younger brother to Gospel singers Rufftone and Daddy Owen.
Women …women …women. They make men do crazy things. The woman in question here is Miss Nairobi - a former one of course. What she did to this popular Machachari actor is just so serious that he had to release as song and video about it. Trust me, if you like music that’s loaded with smooth story telling and lurid details, you won’t find anything better than this.
Yesterday, Wangechi was celebrating her birthday and she received a present that really uplifted her spirit.
  Avril has been off to Tanzania of late but now it is evident that indeed her mission has borne fruits after she landed one of her.
Just yesterday, Laika was busy tearing Avril on her Instagram handle. But after things got “hot”, she decided to offer an explanation.
It's the second day of the official work days and a chilly morning in Nairobi city. Yesterday, the whole country was utterly shocked by police brutality when they unleashed their wrath to pupils at Langata Road Primary School. That aside, check out other hottest stories that we have for you this Tuesday morning:
I am not a pastor, a prophet, a spiritual leader or a judge. But today I want to assume that role and preach to you, Gloria Muliro Omba, the estranged wife to the man of the cloth, Pastor Eric Omba. Or if this message will not reach Gloria Muliro directly via this platform, I want to preach to you my reader. And even as I do so, I want to entirely rely on you to be my messenger and deliver this noble piece of advice to the songbird. So even before I pen down what is in my mind, I want to pray that God talks to you in a special way, and convinces you to deliver this message to Gloria.
So Avril has done a new jam with Ommy dimpoz , "Hello Baby"  it is not even in video folks! But Laika has no Chills at all, she is negative 356 chills, she chose to tear Avril for what she felt was lackluster songwriting, pathetic diction and tautology (repetition of the same thing over and over again)  
Monday, 19 January 2015 14:55

Kenyans React To Gloria Muliro's Divorce

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After 5 years marriage renowned gospel musician Gloria Muliro bravely walked away from her marriage to Eric Omba citing infidelity and abuse.
We should round up and burn at the stake everyone who believe that passionate/romantic love died in the twisted Romeo and Juliet tale. It didn't, it resides within the hearts of the hopeless romantics, who care a little more about soul searching. For even the good ol' book records within it ruffle of pages " Seek ye and ye shall find,Knock and it shall be opened" 
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