Sauti Sol is the subject of discussion yet again after it landed a nomination to the BET awards. Their nomination comes at a time when the group is flying high with its latest hit, Nerea.
Kenyan heartthrob Jaguar is known all over not only for his entertaining hits but also for his philanthropic works that have made him one of the most kind artistes the country has ever produced.
Yesterday was as hot as a pizza oven despite the capital experiencing heavy downpour later in the day. I mean hot in terms of entertainment and its ambiguities. Well, from Java to Ghafla offices to the social media, there was a heavy downpour of its own kind.
Kiss FM’s Shaffie Weru and Chipukeezy have decided to air their dirty laundry in public. The two were stripping each other over utensils.
Gospel singer, Willy Paul, has finally bowed down to pressure and did what most considered impossible, he has decided to open up about him like never before.
Sauti Sol has done it again! After bagging MTV EMA, Best African Act, last year, the all boys band has secured a spot on this year’s BET Awards.
Have you ever heard of the  phrase " People who live in glass houses should never throw stones?" - One Ken Razy Ghipuka doesn't think so, he found it fit to throw stones, a lot of stones from within his house. You know what happens when you throw stones in a glass house? Broken shards of glass are bound to come flying your way, and more often than not, you are bound to get your a$$ injured. 
  Sauti Sol has been making headlines for all the good reasons lately and their success has not gone unnoticed.
Monday, 18 May 2015 19:03

KENRAZY Threatens To Murder A Ghafla Writer

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I'm totally flustered by Artists who purport to be showbiz gods, it is annoying, draining and downright stupid if not immature. 
After getting nominated over the past years for major awards, Sauti Sol, the spectacular boy  quartet have gathered enough feathers to make a quilt! 
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