Friday, 18 September 2015 08:20

Willy Paul Is Mad!

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Something is seriously wrong with Willy Paul! Perhaps one of the bolts that was supposed to hold the sanity part of his brain is loose!
East Africa’s richest artist is disturbed by news about fellow veteran singer who has the heavens to thank for cheating death.
Thursday, 17 September 2015 17:29

The 5 Most Radical Songs Ever Done In Kenya

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As with most of my writing, I have a title well before I even sit to write but then the moment I set down the first word I start second guessing myself on the title’s suitability (every writer has his/her own struggles). This time I have issue with the word radical and to clear any ambiguous issues arise, this is a list of songs which were unique at their time being something not done on such a scale and introduced shed limelight on a different form of songs. There have been many songs and I will be the first to admit that it is not exhaustive nor the law but I doubt any song here will not feature on any other list of similar ilk. On to the first one;
Christian Longomba has been in the operation theatres and hospitals for way too long. But things have now changed. At least he won’t be a regular guest to health facilities.
Thursday, 17 September 2015 14:07

Stella Mwangi Releases 'Chukua Hatua'

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The last time she did this kind of music was when she did the critically acclaimed ‘Haba Haba’ which she submitted to the Eurovision Song Contest .
Nyota Ndogo is known for many things, her rise from a house help to one of the foremost songbirds in the country, her unique voice and unbridled passion and her open call out fo Mustapha.
Kamba's finest musician Ken Wa Maria has his own way of doing things and making them work. If in doubt check the success of his national hit song, 'Fundamentals'.
His rapcellency CMB Prezzo has not been rapping for a while and has been faced with a range of rumors and alleged reports regarding his financial situation. Throughout his career, he has always had one answer to all the detractors and haters, 'wenye wivu wajinyonge' whether it is in his songs or on the adverts he has featured in. This time round the President seems to have found a different way to answer as he posted this on his social media;  
  What does a Kenyan politician and gospel artiste Willy Paul have in common? An endless string of salacious scandals.
Chibu Dangote keeps winning every award there is to be won! Only a BET and MTV EMA awards are missing from his drawers.
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