Ukoo Flani hip hop group may be quiet these days despite the group making headlines a few years back as the most decorated hip hop group in Kenya.
Rabbit is VERY pissed with local presenters. The ‘Twende’ hit makers alleges DJs, presenters and program directors are out to finish local musicians.
  Hip hop aficionado, Muthoni T.D.Q, displayed her strong affection for rap music as she proved to be a lethal weapon on stage.
After missing in action for what seems like forever, Amani is once again making a reverberating comeback to the entertainment arena.
We could blame it on culture, upbringing or religion but the increasing level of domestic  violence in Kenya is alarming and the worst part is that it's taken with a grain of salt despite how grave the matter is. You will hear a man bragging in a bar to his cronies about how he taught his hard-headed and insubordinate wife “a lesson” and people will just listen on, riveted.
  With the action happening tonight, Sauti Sol has already touched down in the gulf nation ready for the action.
In Kenya, we currently have some very poor lyricists. Well this isn’t to say that the said artistes are poor performers. I’m just saying that perhaps they could make use of songwriters. Most of the time, the only thing that saves them is their flow coated by good beats. Take those elements away from them and it’ll be like taking away Thor’s hammer.
Thursday, 26 February 2015 14:07

Tero Mdee's Sister, Vanessa Mdee Jets Into The Country

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Remember Tero Mdee?
  If the cash was his, then Collins Majale aka Collo has added over a million bucks to his name. The rapper was seen flossing a bunch of American dollar notes.
Elani is arguably one of the finest singing groups in Kenya today alongside the most coveted and feted of all, Sauti Sol.
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