Earlier this year in March, a celebrity death rumor was started, which was just the latest in a huge series of death hoaxes that plague celebrities.
Henry Ohanga known by his stage name Octopizzo (sometimes referred to as Numba Nane) is currently one of the most financially successful hip-hop artistes in Kenya.
If an average Kenyan had an unlimited amount of money at their disposal and made decisions based exclusively on quality when buying, he would wear a Rolex, listen to Sauti Sol or Beyoncé and would most like to watch a football match with Arsenal F.C.
Boy meets girl, boy woos girl, boy marries girl and then comes a baby in a golden carriage or so the narrative goes. But then the plan goes horribly wrong sometimes. Boy meets girl, boy woos girl, boy marries girl... Girl becomes fat. Girl lets go of herself and becomes a potato.This one fact is the reason I am scared of marriage. I refuse to settle for mediocrity.
Today is Thursday and I for one happen to be looking forward to it and mine starts tomorrow. I don't know about you though! Especially if you work at the bank. Shout out to C-op Bank for always messing up my account because "my names are foreign"! But away from my anger at Co-op Bank which has been teaching me to live in squalor every beginning of the month. This is all about the top stories in the entertainment scene.
Jaguar is one of the wealthiest musicians, nay, entertainers that Kenya has ever produced. And he is not shy about enjoying his wealth. But he is not selfish either. Jaguar is big on helping underprivileged children but for now, he is content to blow some money.
Prezzo is a man who has been around the world and Africa looking for love. Sometimes he finds it only to realize that it was a mirage. Othertimes, he misses it altogether but he has never lost the psych to look for his true love. And even when the relationship turns sour, his exes stay thirsting for him.
Pendo is a name that has rung for a long while in Kenya's entertainment industry and with good reason. She has been involved in alot of controversial circumstances going as far as to claim that she had coitus with Africa's biggest star of the day -Davido. Then she disappeared.
Chess Nthusi is one of the many beautiful lasses in Kenya's entertainment industry. And a while back, aye, even before she was the host on Tujuane for the eternity of one half season, she was Rabbit's protege. Aye, Rabbit was mentoring the lass. And perhaps that is what gave birth to these rumours. Rumours that were whispered loudly within entertainment circles.
Is there anything better than a parody video? The answer is no. It is yet another great year for parodies, and there are a couple of favourite parodies we've chosen for your enjoyment.
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