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The Blues of an Entertainment Writer

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If writing is your ‘joy of living’ as wise Etemesi puts it, then entertainment writing is a cool option to consider. Well that’s if you are looking for something different from trees, cool breezes, normal people and life’s daily struggles.
It’s only the best in the game that are always given the green light to share the stage with visiting international artists!
Gospel crooner, Daddy Owen, proved he was the undisputed king of creating hit songs when he dropped ‘Vanity’ some four months ago.
There are moments when taking a look through the local industry you feel in some way it has been unfair to some artists deserving a bigger indubitable place at the high table. However, there are times when you also feel some artists are just not either willing to make the step up, or not realizing their potential or simply approaching everything in a lackadaisical manner. That is the same feeling you get when think about the following artists;
About two years ago, Ruth Matete became an instant millionaire after she bagged a cool 5 Million at the 5th season of Tusker Project Fame.
Former Tanzania’s sensation, Mr. Nice, is recuperating in Kahama Hospital in Shinyanga after he was poisoned.
As you are all aware, DJ Mo and Size 8 are expecting a child together.
Sondeka was all packed; fanfare,fashion and fun! The three day festival saw Octopizzo, Fena Gitu, Muthoni DQ among a host of others who came out to make sure that this edition of Sondeka Festival would be remembered for days to come.
Hehehe, where does one start here, I guess given the mosaic of elements that is this video and the artists anywhere suits just fine. If you have ever looked for a mash up of Lil Wayne and Davido, King Kambungosi is the result personified, the swag and antics and the video too. His Yapapala song and video is irritatingly funny you laugh through grinded teeth. Okay so the content of the whole video for the Luhya song is a description of a staggeringly beautiful lady whose features are compared to stuff from being as a hot as a ripe tomato to whatever aspect rushes your blood about a motorcycle(told you it is a strange mosaic). And that is it. The outrageous Luhya stereotypes like the hen at the start of the video to the two fellows having ugali that’s still cooking along with their sisal dress in a clearly not…
Bahati's adopted son, Morgan Bahati is an adorable young lad and clearly a loved kid. his antics when with the father in interviews and the time spent together attest to this and also to his courage. It appears he has been up to singing lessons and clearly takes his singing seriously. Check out the video below and watch him belt out Bahati's Kuchu Kuchu song with the zeal of a seasoned performer. Quite impressive.  
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