Kibera’s finest, Octopizzo, is obsessed with the number 8 for a good reason. The rationale behind Octopizzo’s fixation is the vital role the number plays in his life.
Nairobi Governor, Dr. Evans Kidero, is arguably the most hated man in Nairobi following heavy downpour that wrecked havoc in the city.
  One FM’s lass Neomi Nga’ang’a is known to be a fun-loving radio personality and even her voice on radio tells it all. Charming and ever laughing, Neomi has amassed enough support to land her an Oscar of its kind thanks to her prowess behind One FM studios.
Gabu aka Buganya has taken to the public to spew out his rage. The rapper is claiming his hard earned cash is being misused by people he’s had a grouse with for long now.
  Rapper DNA has a smart way of taking over people’s songs and making them sound like his own. While listening to the ‘Welle Welle’ remix, I kept on wondering how he managed to convince Timmy, the original owner of the song to give him two semi-choruses as well as a verse yet other featured artistes just got one verse each.
  Lately, Kenya’s all-time top rapper Octopizzo has been opening up about some of the people who have been so influential and crucial in his life and family.
Wednesday, 13 May 2015 17:34

Anto Neo Soul Will Cry When He Sees This

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They say that the streets of Twitter are cold, that the walls of Instagram are colder, but sometimes people on Facebook can be cold too.
  Comedian Eric Omondi is known to remix songs done by other artistes, of course with their consent, to give them a completely new and sweet look.
Job once said that the  Lord gives and the Lord takes and He recently he took away the mother to one of Kameme F.M's presenter.
  Just when Kenyans were beginning to celebrate Emmy Kosgey’s blessing, she has come out to blast our bubble! The baby WASN’T hers!
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