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Last Friday was bad one for one socialite Risper Faith who was carted away un-ceremoniously by a parade of 6 police officers and a formidable looking police land-rover, apparently the long arm of the law had caught up with the queen of butt-land after she had been involved in a con-artistry quagmire with Blaqy Blaqy with whom she had released a song 'money maker' erstwhile. Blaqy was not impressed with the way that the socialite had run away with his hard-earned cash with an empty promise that she would pay as soon as she left hospital.
  The death of her sister was probably one of the most traumatizing moment on her life, even so; Caroline Mutoko has eight inspirational reasons why she is grateful this Monday morning.
Monday, 22 September 2014 08:30

Has P-unit Broken apart??Details Here

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A few weeks ago, it was reported that the sensational boy group-P-unit had broken  up due to un-resolved issues. That was a white lie,a lie is a lie, whether green or white. Apparently ,it stands that the P-unit are still together as they were the first day they started music.   Here is their poster for a new video that they have been working on.
Kibera’s finest export Octopizzo has ultimately decided to publicly share photos of himself and his stunning family and sure they look gorgeous.
When Uhuru Kenyatta was in the United States attending an African Leaders summit, there were photos of him chilling with the Senegalese Music maestro,Akon- everyone thought? Just how cool is our President? Well before we even got to say 'convict'  Akon comes to Nairobi, He continues to chill with our president at the state-house (more photos of our uber-cool president)  Apparently word got out that Akon will be helping  fund electrification of Kibera/kibra as well as  other parts of Africa, Talk of giving back to the continent. It turns out that Uhuru Kenyatta is not the only person that Akon had talks with, Jaguar is the second person in Kenya that Akon talked to, Important right? Apparently the two had a meeting to deliberate on Akon's project in Africa that Jaguar wants to join.  And the good thing is that we have photos,Come to think of it, How cool is…
Have a passion for doing something but circumstances or time seem to hinder you? Well then, I hope Massiger teaches you a thing or two about patience and striving for what your heart desires. Massiger aka Seth Masiga, is a cop. And not the kawaida cop who hassles you for no apparent reason and you have to bribe your way through anything; even your Constitutional Rights. Nah, Seith is a singer or rather a rapper. He’s journey to produce has not been a smooth one, that much I’ll let you in on. He has attempted several times to record a song when he was posted in Lamu East and Mbooni east but lady luck wasn’t on this man’s side. Due to lack of studios and recording facilities, he was unable to record anything. Then the stars lined on his favor and he was posted in Murang’a County, and he released…
The latest lady to join the likes of Janet Mbugua, Sally Mbilu and Avril in being engaged is none other than controversial socialite Pendo.
Friday, 19 September 2014 17:25

Blaqy Is Back!! Ratchetier Than Ever!!

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The King of Ratchet- realm, Blaqy is set to release a video that will trash all your thoughts on "Ratchet" He will Will make "Pombe Bangi" look like useless child-play!! I'm one of the few chosen Ratchet-experts that have had the opportunity of listening to the Mp3 track, You trolled on Blaqy before? You shall definitely have to rethink your Trolling prowess!! You are overrated! His cocktail of Kapuka and a twist of dance-hall is simply mind-blowing, ofcourse i don't want to brag, but hes taking over the entertainment scene, just like that! Forget all those Lipala moves, save them for a rainy day, Blaqy will give you moves like you have never seen before!!   Keep It ghafla... The Video will be here soon... The count down begins 
The philanthropic musician is at it again! As his name suggests, he is a real jaguar in the music industry; cruising to greater heights each day!
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