Thursday, 16 October 2014 10:52

This Is The Best Kenyan Twerk Of All Time!!(Video)

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She prefers to remain incognito, you know, the streets are teeming with wolves in all manners of sheep regalia, but boy?This gal can twerk it! Her twerking prowess is un-appareled! I came by this video yesterday and i had to post it , It is simply the best twerk video Of all time.
  Ever imagined that an artist of Jaguar’s stature can run as broke as anyone whom money has refused to come their? That is unbelievable!
Thursday, 16 October 2014 10:37

Ghafla Exclusive: Renowned Gospel Big Wig Goes Secular

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Renowned video and music producer Docta Eddie is respected both in the secular and Gospel industry. This is because his impeccable work has earned him the title of Gospel Music Producer extraordinaire.
The self proclaimed king of bling has not really transformed much when it comes to his physical appearance; one can easily recognize him but then again throwback photos have always had the element of humor in them.
Wednesday, 15 October 2014 19:11

Octopizzo In a Dress??

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Octopizzo churns controversy anywhere and everywhere with his fashion taste,his fetish borders on crazy and insane  he has been known to look glam most times,while  other times has turned up at events mirroring an American flag, on others he has shown up looking like he was attending a Mexican  carnival... or a color bath, or a Halloween party, or an colorgasm...
Wednesday, 15 October 2014 18:05

King Of Genge To Launch a New Single Tomorrow

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It has been a while now since we heard from Jua Cali, the self-proclaimed King of Genge. Jua cali has been quite as other artists, notably Nonini and Wyre, are busy releasing new singles, day in day out.
Marriage is a sensitive issue when it means exactly what it is intended to mean. However, as used in this article, it is not the union of two artists as a couple.
Love Child Wyre is surely the maestro of giving classical songs the touch of modernity and after he recently came up with a different version of Franco Luambo’s Mario; Wyre is on a mission to rendition Kanda Bongo Man’s Inde Monie.
Nameless’ Europe trip has been very successful and the VIP treatment that he has been accorded just tell it all how the singer is rated highly abroad.
KTN’s Deejay Krowbar of the famed Tukuza show has shared a beautiful photo of his wife and two kids but his first born daughter stands out of the three on the photo and the reason is very simple.
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