There’s ratchetness, then there’s just something else we’re yet to find a name for. This music video titled “Pombe Bangi” by rapper Rajayjay who last year accused Octopizzo of stealing a couple of his, and a number of Lang'ata based artists rhymes, has released a video that is the complete meaning of RATCHETNESS, with ladies and gentlemen in the video getting naughty and proper wasted "We can call it; having fun".
  Walking down the aisle with the lover of your life is every couple’s dream; Singer Jaguar might as well did that but it was really a covert affair.
In Kenya, comedy is slowly becoming one of the most ‘in style ‘ ways to earn a living, this is due to the fact that comedians such as Churchill and Eric Omondi managing to make large sums of money out of it .
After the release of the hit Fire Fever Lighter Speaker then Twenzetu,Kensoul RedRebulic has assembled their best to drop a thrilling video.
  The radical change in gospel music has left many to wonder whether abandoning the ancient norm of just praising and worshiping was right. Many of the music that are said to be gospel will leave the old generation wonder whether the so called dot com era are completely losing it.
  Erica Gachoka the daughther of the outspoken Ciku Muiruri recently completed her high school education and her IGCSE results are out on the public domain.
After recently winning the much prestigious Mwafaka award; accomplished song bird Janet Otieno is set to drop her freshest bound to be hit tomorrow.
Most men would definitely love their role boldly highlighted, understood and respected in marriage; at least that was the opinion of majority of the male callers who were participating on Classic 105 discussion.
Bonoko. Not a name I can say I have heard in the recent past and it's sad that when he pops up in my radar it's because of something as sad as this. See, thing is, Bonoko has had to call off his impoending wedding after he caught his fiance cheating on him.
  He is probably going to have one of the most difficult job in the country; dealing with matatu drivers and touts for a good course.
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