Time after time,the World of Music offers us a personality-or group-whose music,artistry,prowess and adeptness at the game totally changes us. Changes how we talk…How we think…what we say,how we dress and how we dance. These artists are a godsend. And their art is more than just music…It becomes a cultural revolution.
Tuesday, 20 January 2015 17:58

Are You Ready For Fimbo Ya Tatu?

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Bangaiza One mic has managed to nurture talent and growth by creating a viable platform for budding musicians.
Ringtone is not letting the 1.2 million fraud case that taint his reputation to distract him from engaging in a new music project.
Marriage, as it is turning out to be, is one of the most controversial topics in the world today. When two people move in together as spouses and live happily after, without much limelight and scandals in the public, the two deserve a standing ovation and a round of applause.
  Tanzania’s AY spilled the beans on her former girlfriend, Amani, who he dated for three long years.
If you are an ardent Nation FM listener. you will definitely realize that something is missing from the station. And that something is nothing but those morning jokes that comedian Obinna Ike Igwe brings on air.
The other day Ghafla Kenya highlighted a story about a younger brother to Gospel singers Rufftone and Daddy Owen.
Women …women …women. They make men do crazy things. The woman in question here is Miss Nairobi - a former one of course. What she did to this popular Machachari actor is just so serious that he had to release as song and video about it. Trust me, if you like music that’s loaded with smooth story telling and lurid details, you won’t find anything better than this.
Yesterday, Wangechi was celebrating her birthday and she received a present that really uplifted her spirit.
  Avril has been off to Tanzania of late but now it is evident that indeed her mission has borne fruits after she landed one of her.
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