Remember The UON Goon Shown Extorting Money From Ian Mugoya And KTN? He Has Spoken Out! Read His Comment Here!

Monday, 15 July 2013 13:39 , Written by 

Once upon a time, an ogre was captured on television by KTN attempting to extort money from Ian Mugoya as his equally ratchet friends were shown harrassing a female attempting to push and pull her to wherever they could achieve whatever nefarious scheme they had in mind but to no avail.

And the ogre was exposed and taught a bitter lesson: you do not fudge with the 4th Estate! But the ogre has come out to tell his story. Obviously being given courage by the legendary tale of Shrek, the ogre everyone loves. But from what was captured on TV, this isn't a loveable ogre.

But away from mythical tales, the lad in question caught acting ratchet has come out to say this:


  Junior Charles Mc'otuoma

After have been said....this is my side of the story.
Today as I was busy running my errands in town I was called to come and cool down guys who were disrupting a live event in the pitch. I came running bearing in mind that the event must go on as earlier scheduled. Wen I reached the venue, it was full and after having cooled guys down, I asked KTN guys to go on with the show but they feared that same students could intrrupt again. Now tell me.....wat was my mistake..........



Junior Charles Mc'otuoma

Indeed, what was his mistake?



Indeed, manhandling a lady is alright you Philistine!




Because brave men "handle" a woman in gangs! This lady is more of a man than these silly boys!



Meet the handsome star of this melodrama! La Mujer di Cry Baby!

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