Why Should I Go To the New Nairobi IMAX?

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To comprehend just how large the new IMAX screen in Nairobi is, picture this... a standard 26mm wide angle lens camera cannot capture its entirety from the centre of theatre.

The screen, around 17 metres by 9 metres is slightly curved, made to envelope the audience into a more realistic stance as the grossly amped sound system is boosted by state of the art equipment that is set to make any screening at the new IMAX 20th Century truly memorable.

The Friday launch was heavily attended by entertainment gurus and radio personalities from countless media houses that included KTN, Capital FM, Easy FM and Kiss TV representatives. The event kicked off with an array of open bar cocktails, beers and wines as guests, invited and uninvited, sampled the redesigned walk-through and cinema ticketing alley. Shades of red, purple, blue and white trickled through the space as cocktail tables littered with bitings scattered the area.

After an hour of chat and anticipation, invited guests were ushered into the screening hall, being handed what felt like authentic 'IMAX cinematic' goggles.

'Now these feel like the real thing' I heard one Vibe Weekly reporter say, in comparison to another cineplex in the city.

I truly wasn't prepared for the total change and expansivity that greeted us as we walked into the theatre. Old Screen 1 and 2 had been merged into a gigantic space that was adequately padded to maximise the sound quality. The gradient of the seating is now steep enough to give you a few shockers, though the size of the screen quickly swallows up any doubts or worries.

We were treated to a spectacular fashion show, by a renowned Ukrainian designer, which featured giant buttons as head gear and quite eye catching dress wear. All this was a precursor to the unveiling of the pioneering experience in the region.

imax 6

The flag bearers launching the screen

The screen came to life as an automated reponse and wording told us to put on our IMAX glasses. The previews we were shown demonstrated the power of the enhanced projector and sound quality, including IMAX Deep into the Sea, 300 in IMAX 3D, The Polar Express in IMAX 3D and Men in Black in 3D.

imax 2

imax 3

imax 5

imax 4

imax 1

One couldn't help but reach out to the screen to touch the images that were strikingly lifelike. Screenings started on Sunday with the Wrath of the Titans in 3D. If you ask me, the Kshs. 1000 price tag is definitely worth the experience.

Here are the show times:

imax showtime

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