Photo: Socialites Vera Sidika & Huddah Monroe ‘Exposed’

Wednesday, 31 July 2013 11:02 , Written by 

There’s a new whistle-blower in the entertainment scene! And no, it’s not a fat guy stuck in the internet contrary to popular belief; it’s a lass! She goes by the name Stacy The Exposer. But then again, this is the internet and in this eon of impersonation, you really can never be sure.

Anyhow, she’s a few weeks old online but she has already stamped her authority. Her work? “I expose b*tches and man h*es who think they are better than others” declares Stacy The Exposer. And exposing she does.

Her latest victims are friends-turned-enemies socialites Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe. Stacy The Exposer announced that she would be tearing apart the two, “A photo of the fat so called socialite with a huge hump full of silicone butt injections n her supposed beef-mate coming up! N y they parted!”

She then proceeded to upload the photo below and captioned “Suposed fake socialites vee n huddah who pretend to be beefing for attention seeking! In their "escort days"”… o_O



She even tried to explain the reason why the two socialites parted ways, “The two h*es used to wh*re together b4 [before] things went haywire after they fought over some rich punk during their escort missions!! LOL”

Her parting shot: “I have my ears n eyes everywhere; b*tches n man-h*es BEWARE!!!”



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