Robert Alai Releases Video Of Aftermath Of KDF Looting At Westgate! Watch It Here!

Monday, 30 September 2013 17:51 , Written by 

Robert Alai was immensely instrumental in keeping Kenyans updated during the Westgate terrorist attack by cowardly scum. A task that he took on voluntarily anmd he has been lauded the world over for it.

And it would seem he isn't done yet. After giving people information the government would have preferred to keep squashed, he is now revealing to Kenyans and indeed members of the international community interested in the aftermath information on how the security forces looted Westgate in the aftermath of the terrorist attack.


Robert Alai  @RobertAlai: Video of Art Caffe at #Westgate after apparent looting by KDF… #WestgateAttack


Chaos: The FoneXpress computer store is littered with debris including shattered glass and smashed cabinets which are all empty


Attack: Bags, beers and personal belongings were also left behind in the Artcaffee. As the gunmen walked through the mall, shooting anyone in sight, shoppers ran, hid or died

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